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"Denver quality of life"

Denver quality of life - 1/3/2007
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Denver, CO


Of course everyone is going to have their opinion and some will love Denver, some will hate it. If you're a high-brow Parisean used to rich history and quality versus quantity as the rule more than the exception, you will likely run from Denver before you even start coming here. If you're from a little town in middle America looking to get out to "the big city" but New York, Chicago, or - forbid - some city in another country are too scary, raw, or "weird" and "foreign" feeling for you, Denver will probably seem to you like you're pretty top dog, especially if you find yourself making a few bucks to afford hanging out with others (quite likely very) much like yourself at LoDo bars or to afford buying a big SUV and $1500 worth of ski gear to load up with your hip n happenin' friends for a weekend of recreating and condo crashing in another suburban-seeming, strip-malled or Disney-fied town in the mountains.

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Denver, CO


Prior to moving to Denver I had never been stood up and I don't mean just on a date. Upon moving here I met lots of people who seemed friendly and open but in short order I found out they were friendly on the surface but had no depth or interest in depth of friendships or any other type of relationships. The first 5 yrs. here I cried probably every day because of being stood up either for an activity or a date. When asked why the person didn't show up OR CALL and cancel the response was always, I found something more interesting to do. Really???? How selfish are you all???? They are also quite thankless. Trying to get someone to say thank you is like pulling teeth! Dating has been a nightmare until I hired a professional matchmaker named Michele with Bon Jour Matchmaking to assist me in my choices. Thankfully she is very discriminating in who she works with so I am more able to avoid this other scenario. The weather is great. Cannot complain about that. Almost always sunny, dry so it's always a good hair day, rarely rains or snows. I stayed because of the climate compared to where I moved from. So I've stayed and just accepted what I cannot change. Been here for 30 years!

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Lubbock, TX

Don't come here unless you plan to rot! - 12/27/2014

Mountains, valleys, zoos? Yeah that is definitely where I want to go in extreme snow and in a area where I can hardly breathe. I spent 20 years rotting in this mountain. HORRIBLE schools to say the least. When we moved to Lubbock, whose schools aren't even ranked high, my son found himself studying until midnight most days and trying to cram courses to get into a good college. Courses are not offered in Denver public schools. Try calling the cops to see if they can help you find missing children(useless). Home invasions, robberies, rape like living in a third world country unless you have an income of over 150K a year, life will be miserable here. It's the land of minimum wage opportunity. HIGH, HIGH sales tax of really nearer to 8% on everything.

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Denver, CO

Multimodal transit falls short in Denver - 6/29/2014

Denver is in a unique position to lead the mountain west region in developing multimodal transportation. The new light rail system is a true gem, but the hype around multimodal transit misses the point. Combined with good feeder bus service and adequate parking, it can be a great way to solve many of our urban transportation issues, as more people move to metro areas. Denver has also pushed to increase bicycle and foot traffic by expanding a bike share program and zone for high density development, as well as transit oriented development around transportation centers. It falls short, however, in the way Denver is implementing policies which force people to use public transit by reducing the requirements to provide adequate parking in high density areas, and reducing bus routes to encourage light rail use. Suburban bus routes have been reduced in favor of bus feeder routes to the light rail stations, diminishing convenient and timely bus service in and around the suburbs. The reduction of available parking in high density developments or transit hubs creates a traffic congestion nightmare as people who drive instead of bike or walk to a location because they are constrained by time, distance, or weather (especially in winter) now clog the streets looking for a parking space. Although moving in the right direction, Denver has fallen short in making multimodal transit convenient, which is the key to it's success.

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Denver, CO

Climate - 6/11/2014

THe climate is nice in Denver. Warm in the summer-mid90's as a high and sometimes very cold in the winter. It can get down to 0 to 20 degrees in the winter. We've been getting part of the global warming and the winters have been milder over the last few years.

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Englewood, CO

Denver: Home of the Rude & Ugly - 6/3/2014

Denver, you suck. Bad wages. Unfriendly, rude, snobby, yuppy, terrible people. Rents approaching the cost of LA. Traffic. Vehicle registration. Mountain men. Hypoxic population. Zero fashion sense. So happy Denver lost the Super Bowl - couldn't have happened to a more deserving city! Can't wait to leave!

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Want to move
Portland, OR

What is the smoking situation really like in Denve - 5/26/2014

Hello Denver, I've been living in Portland Oregon for the last 10 years and am ready for some nice dry and sunny weather. I have asthma and I don't want to be around people smoking anything. I will be living in an apartment. I currently live in a smoke-free apartment complex. With Colorado's new smoking laws are all of my neighbors going to be smoking pot? Thanks for your comments.

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Seattle, WA

Here's the deal about the mile high climate - 5/18/2014

I grew up in Boulder, not far from Denver: EVERYONE I know in Colorado will brag to you about their weather, climate. Most of those same people originate (or their families) come from the Midwest. And yes, relative to the Midwest, Colorado weather is overall superior. Especially the winters. Here is where the hype needs to end though: Colorado is a high, and dry desert climate. So you get extreme colds in the winter, and it can get very hot in the summer. It seems like forest fire season has been getting longer each year. Its dry, so get used to dry skin and chapped lips in the winter. Its common to get a blizzard each year in the month of May... When storms roll in, in the spring, it can be insanely windy (talking 40+ MPH sustained). No one ever called CO weather not interesting. Now that I reside in a more temperate climate along the West Coast, I don't miss the CO weather. Yes, Denver gets 300+ days of sunshine a year, but you pay a price for it...... Basically, I'd prefer just about any micro climate from San Diego (duh) along the coast all the way up to Seattle (not kidding).

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Columbine Hills, CO

Winters in Denver - 5/10/2014

Denver's snow season can begin as early as September 3, and end as late as June 12. Believe me, it gets very old after awhile.

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Denver, CO

Denver - 4/3/2014

Awesome city.

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Denver, CO

Over 300 Days of Sunshine a Year Plus Beautiful Mo - 2/25/2014

Living in the Denver Metro area is very conducive to good health because with all our sunshine, it is easy to get out for a run or hike.

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Denver, CO

Strange here in Denver - 2/22/2014

Overall, the people here are more helpful and kind than the northeast. But so many people here are spineless wimps. People are so hesitant and afraid to assert themselves. Thus, it seems as though they lack social skills. I hate to generalize but for the most part, this is my observation. People are hard to get to know because they are so kept to themselves. You can talk to strangers in public in Boston but not in Denver. The guys that aren't roughnecks are total sissies for the most part. Grow a pair Denver. The traffic here isn't bad compared to most cities(although the city is trying to make it worse), the crime is fairly low, it is pretty clean, climate is awesome, public transportation is bad unless you live and work right in Denver, and something to do for everyone. If ou are looking for a big city vibe, don't come here. It is a major city but medium in size. Downtown is small compared to Boston or San Francisco but is getting bigger in a very RAPID way. There is an agenda behind it but that is another story. You can wear rival sports team gear here and people won't attack you for it like they do in some places. As far as food goes, it isn't NYC, but if you look you can find good hole in the wall places. Locals seem to think that chain food is good and if you tell them about hole in the wall family places they act like you are weird. Sorry but Olive Garden is not my idea of good italian fare. Great mexican food here.

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Why Live In Dever - 12/23/2013

I've lived in a suburb (Northglenn) just north of Denver for the last five years, and can't wait to move. Everything here is overpriced, homes, apartments, taxes, food, utilities, and there are high fees on everything. Colorado is the next California, possibly due to the many liberals which have moved here from California and other liberal heavy states which are presently going bankrupt from liberal policies. The state and local governments here have there hand out every time you turn around. In Northglenn where I live, they have been very busy condemning small business owners so they can build denser commercial projects, which will provide more sales and property taxes. The politicians in Colorado are constantly trying to raise taxes and fees on everything they can. Another expense to consider is for Police enforcement, because the Police are relentless with traffic citations. I received a citation for making an illegal turn that I didn't make, which cost me $185. Don't even think that you can go to Court and beat it, because the Judges are intimately involved in the budgeting process and setting of fines. All they're concerned about is collecting money from you. There are a whole lot of illegal aliens and welfare scammers here, which you will be financing with your hard earned money. I'd recommend you avoid Colorado unless you're a liberal.

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Scottsdale, AZ

Glad I left - 10/31/2013

Strange people strange weather?

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Denver, CO

If you want to move here... - 7/31/2013

Atlas Corporate Housing 720 S Colorado Blvd #1050 S Denver, CO 80246 (720) 466-7531

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Denver, CO

Nice? - 7/31/2013

I'm thinking of moving to Denver, CO from Las Vegas, NV -I like to read & bike ride & wondering if there is others in Denver that do the same? Not much here in SinCity. And I want to fit in.. Any suggestions? Atlas Corporate Housing 720 S Colorado Blvd #1050 S Denver, CO 80246 (720) 466-7531

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Crownsville, MD

waste of time - 6/5/2013

Pros: -Art is great here. A very progressive cradle to creative development -Fantastic music scene and always a show every night. David B Smith art gallery is amazing and every 1st Friday has several art walks (Santa Fe Art District is one of the most well known). -If you like drinking, the city's pretty much a bar town. Plus some great microbreweries. -Definitely a singles town, lots of dating opportunity. -If you're gay or even straight not familiar with the scene, there's a very comforting culture there. Pride fest is an great experience no matter what your preference is. -420 fest is also great if you smoke. It does start looking like an ex con gathering though (count the number of tear drop tattoos on peoples' faces). -Hiking is great, I would suggest El Durado Springs. Also great rock climbing. -A ton of culinary people there, some really good eats and interesting restaurants. -Skiing/Snowboarding is also great in the mountains (try anything in Summit County, bus system is free once you get there.) -Denver city is pretty small, walking across it takes no time at all. -Parks are all over and they're really fun to relax at. -Boulder's fun I guess. Round trip from Denver there is around 6 dollars (might have gone up). -Meet people that are new to Denver as well, you'll find exploring the city with someone else new is a great way to make some cool friends. Cons: -Slogan: "Go there for vacation, leave there on probation." -Three types of people: Alcoholics, Hood Rats, and Drug Addicts. (East Coast billboards say "Don't smoke cigarettes", Denver billboards say "Don't smoke Meth"). Well, I guess welcome to the Midwest. -A lot of locals seem piss poor and uneducated. -Most natives look down on transplants. -Texans. -Gangs, criminals, and a shit ton of homeless bums who harass you at all times. -Colfax Avenue. -16 Street Mall. -Areas surrounding Denver ban Pit bulls, and to my knowledge put them down after they take them from your home. -They tout liberalism, but are very conservative. -The front range is pretty dull, mountains are nice in the winter though. -Landlords are horrible, some of the slum areas are pretty cheap in a fratty-sort of way. Although bums came door to door there and you don't want to leave valuables outside. -Although there are some cool buskers on the streets, hood rats have no problem taking their hard earned money tips from them. -People who are taken advantaged are passive aggressive to the point they probably deserved to get robbed. -Police are crooked (that's everywhere else, though); A few incidences where police rammed into civilian cars comes to mind. -Mountain towns are cool if you like being around rich wiggers or if you like coke. -Drivers are pretty shitty, but the congestion there isn't as bad as some of the east coast -Purina Dog Food headquarters can waft over the city at times (unless you're into that.) Fun place to visit, live there for a couple years and see how you like it, but once you start feeling that it's not that great anymore, LEAVE RIGHT AWAY. Don't wait around for things to get better. There's some great aspects, but there's great aspects elsewhere as well. Denver will always be there.

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Denver, CO

Denver - 5/5/2013

Denver has some good points, but there are a lot of bad as well. The good points include the performing arts and the wide variety of restaurants. The bad points include all the pot-smoking liberals, who don't care about religion and want to live their own weird life styles. The cost of living is very high, the taxes are high, and the housing is ridiculously high. I'm trying to move out of this crazy city and nutty state of Colorado. It has really turned into a deeply liberal and non-religious place. Many people here hate God and hate those who believe in God.

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Commerce City, CO

Forever optimist - 4/30/2013

After traveling the world I would have to say anyplace can be great if you make it so. I am always open to meeting new people and trying new things. I was born and raised in the suburbs of Denver so any negative opinions I have are related to "suburbia life" and now that I'm older I am not a fan of the soccer mom mentality that seems to be corrupting our youth and our originality. I have met some amazing people here; natives and transplants. There is a lot that the city has to offer and numerous outdoor activities. I am moving, shortly and my advice to anyone moving to Denver, or anyplace else is to own where you live, be proud, if you see a problem, don't complain but work to fix it. So many posts I have read make such broad generalizations. No one will ever be perfect but anyplace can be better if you make it so. If you are reading this with plans to move to Denver then visit, talk to people. Don't base a decision on posts created by random people whom you have never met and may have nothing in common with.

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Virginia Beach, VA

Denver and Denver Metro Life (Suburbs) - 2/1/2013

The majority leaving comments -especially those who have been in this city more than 20 years are mostly right on. Being from Colorado for 24 years, half of it in the Springs and the other half in Denver,I have been fortunate enough to watch this town become a major city. I was around when I- 76 West just plain stopped at Pecos St. forget about driving up toward the mountains on that route. In saying that, the HIGHWAYS never caught up it the population growth. Denver had/has an awesome way about pouring it's funds into building up their major sports team and venues (I mean how many times was Mile High Stadium bought??)Regardless, there is only one major highway in Denver and it's called I-25. Note, this is Denver not all the unmarked Metro areas that should be referred to AS suburbs of Denver. But since the out growth of Denver happened too quickly the little pockets of towns got smooched together and all of the sudden people say they live in Denver even though they live in Englewood; It's more confusing than not. Denver's actual population is 600 thousand, it became liberal because of the younger population living in the city. Which gave Denver a needed birth. On the flip side, the city school's are poorly funded as is their health system (overall)and they are always working on highway construction. Also, I don't think the people are rude, there just seems to be a lot of determined shopaholics. Stay off the streets (ride the LR if you can) and you'll be home by 9 pm everyday. Just in time for the local news that tends to cover up or tone down the actual crime that happens daily.

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Denver, CO

Beautiful Denver Colorado - 1/30/2013

Colorado native. Have lived in larger cities primarily on the West coast. Have many associates who have traveled and lived all over the world, in our opinion feel Denver is one of the BEST cities to live in. Especially for raising a family. Not to mention the sunshine, views, and activities available.

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