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Star Rating 1/3/2007

Of course everyone is going to have their opinion and some will love Denver, some will hate it. If you're a high-brow Parisean used to rich history and quality versus quantity as the rule more than the exception, you will likely run from Denver before you even start coming here. If you're from a little town in middle America looking to get out to "the big city" but New York, Chicago, or - forbid - some city in another country are too scary, raw, or "weird" and "foreign" feeling for you, Denver will probably seem to you like you're pretty top dog, especially if you find yourself making a few bucks to afford hanging out with others (quite likely very) much like yourself at LoDo bars or to afford buying a big SUV and $1500 worth of ski gear to load up with your hip n happenin' friends for a weekend of recreating and condo crashing in another suburban-seeming, strip-malled or Disney-fied town in the mountains.



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Reviews for Denver, Colorado

Al Olsen
Vancouver, WA
Denver is a great city
Watch the best football team in the NFL. Ski on the we...
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David Lunbeck
Santa Teresa, NM
a box I can afford
is there some where I can rent a box or closet to live...
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David Lunbeck
Santa Teresa, NM
You can rent a closet
In every major city on the front range you can now affo...
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David Lunbeck
Santa Teresa, NM
awesome place to live
This place is fantastic !I have My rent is not to bad...
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Jesse Caple
Denver, CO
High cost, Low reward
I've lived in Colorado my entire life. I never figured ...
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Miranda Blakely
Denver, CO
Sweet "Cow-Town" no more
As a native I am very sad to see the changes that have ...
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