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"Great place to live"

Great place to live - 10/20/2009
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Bellevue, WA

I have been here less than a year and I can't believe how many activities there are to do and places to go.

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Medina, WA

Bellevue, Washington - 5/24/2013

I've watched Bellevue grow up from a sleepy town to a beautiful city over the past 30 years. It is still growing. Traffic jams are constant now, shops are more sophisticated (and pricier) but the people here are as friendly as ever. And that is probably unusual for such a diverse population. [read more...]

Bellevue, WA

Great city, if you're OK with Northwest weather - 11/27/2010

I've lived in Bellevue for 15+ yrs and overall it's great. It is expensive, but if you can make the economics work, it has just as much to offer as living in Seattle, without the intense congestion. It's grown significantly beyond being just a Seattle suburb, into a city in it's own right. Excellent parks and other public facilities/services. Getting to Seattle ranges from 15-60 minutes, depending on traffic. My only issue with this area (this region in general) after these many years is that it is very grey here. It's not so much actual precipitation (many cities get more), but just the number of grey days. The sunny days are glorious, any time of year, it's just that there are not enough of them. [read more...]

Bellevue, WA

Seattle lifestyle - 5/27/2010

life style in seattle is expensive as compared to baltimaore by 44%[read more...]

Bellevue, WA

Great place to live - 10/20/2009

I have been here less than a year and I can't believe how many activities there are to do and places to go.[read more...]

Bellevue, WA

RE: the quality of life in Bellevue WA - 11/11/2008

This area is a little more upscale, but it's a great place for cleanliness, and family and culture. I live in a part called Crossroads, which is a little cheaper than the downtown Bellevue. There is also a lot more diversity among people. The area is clean, the schools are decent, and there is an abundance of help for the low income community if you research. The classes are a little more divided between low income and high income, there isn't a lot of middle class in Bellevue. The best things about Bellevue are how easy it is to access the larger surrounding cities including: Seattle, Tacoma, Everett, Seatac, Bellingham. It's kind of a centered city that has pretty good access to every city. The job market is ok, but in this city, it's always growing and expanding. It's a wealthy city.[read more...]

Bellevue, WA

Recreation and Outdoor Activities - 4/15/2008

You can do it all, from biking to rock climbing to skiing to flyfishing and kyaking. I love that any outdoor activity I want to do is no more than an hour away, and in many cases, much closer![read more...]

Mukilteo, WA

Bellevue - 11/22/2007

Bellevue is expensive. If you can afford it, it's a great place to live.[read more...]

Bellevue, WA

Great Summers and mild winters make Bellevue a Mus - 10/28/2007

Some say it rains too much but this is where we get the green. Some say it is too cloudy but this is how we keep the green. Bellevue, WA is the nearly perfect climate location to live in. Summers are nearly always mild with average daytime highs in the 70's. Wiinters are mild and rarely do the temperatures go below freezing. Most of the cool weather months you can get by with a light jacket and no more. Many of the "rainy" days don't even require an umbrella. Neither hot or cold makes living easy and enjoyable. Like I say, a Must live in city.[read more...]

Bellevue, WA

Ideal cosmopolitan living - 8/10/2007

Low crime rate, conveniently located, mixed of commercial & residential areas, shopping, outdoor, parks... 3 public high schools in top 50 high schools in the nation. What else do you want to live?![read more...]

Bellevue, WA

housing - 5/6/2007

Housing here is very expensive.[read more...]

Bellevue, WA

Cost of house - 5/1/2007

It is too high to get in the good school district[read more...]

Bellevue, WA

Getting more expensive all the time - 7/24/2006

The estimated selling price of our Bellevue house, based on "like" houses in the area, has increased 38% in the past seven years, to $416,000.[read more...]

Bellevue, WA

Bellevue/Seattle area - 4/20/2006

Beautiful place to live with nice climate most of the time. Land is scarce if you want a yard you need an older home. This area is very money/social status focused and could do well to emphasise education more.[read more...]

Bellevue, WA

Best school district - 3/23/2006

Bellevue has some of the best schools in Western Washington[read more...]

Bellevue, WA

recreation - 2/27/2006

recreational options to sea/mountains hard to beat[read more...]