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"Doesn't get much better than Colorado"

Doesn't get much better than Colorado - 10/12/2009
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Westminster, CO

I came out West on a fast horse named Dreaming. I was uncomfortable in my own skin back then, American Indian on one side (storytellers and sadly missing from the landscape by the time I arrived just after WWII ended) and Irish/Welsh/Scottish on the other, I wanted to escape the 60's and all the protests of Boston (my protests were with my family and not global or universal or so I thought) CO captured my fancy and kept it for 32 years; I lived in the high desert of the Grand Valley and adored the smell of sage before breakfast, cattle and horses scattered across my rented land (all 160 acres of it by the vast CO River); I took myself and my young son camping and 2 wheeling in my tiny VW bug, went on jeeps trails I shouldn'ta been on (people talked about where and how high they had seen me up in Battlement Mesa or wherever); I wanted the Old West, the familiar West of my NEngland television set and if I couldn't have that, I was going to recreate the passion all by my lonesome. I had bald eagles over my head daily eying my 16 cats (don't ask how I started with 1 and got to 16), I had good ol' boys and drunks and cowboys and gossips to contend with, afterall, I was a danged "Easterner" even if I was living by myself with no phone, no man and no gun, I was still "suspect" because, well, I was an East Coast lady. And alone. I weathered that storm. I learned about myself, gardening and how to make it on nothing, making "do" and in the end, after I thought they all hated me for being different, I came back with my now grown son and a gentleman from the gravel pit my "home" had become said "Oh, this place belonged to a gal we now call the Little Pioneer" and I practically cried. Colorado HAD understood my spirit afterall. They knew what I was doing there and they got me before I even "got me". I can write more profoundly about the West thanks to my life lessons learned in the sage and the rabbit brush, I couldn't or wouldn't be my "self" without those lean but richly rewarding experiences I couldn't have gotten in my living room, watching the Lone Ranger. I am a Little Pioneer, I own that, I think it defines all of us who come West with a big dream of finding or changing something within ourselves. The Real West exists if only in our hearts souls and in our intentions.

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Fort Collins, CO

critters - 11/21/2013

Colorado is a great place to live if you love outdoors and/or prefer more cosmopolitan living. We have mountains, plains, even a little desert, plus cities like Denver and Colorado Springs. We have suffered some growing pains with lots of people moving in from other states - more crowded highways, more crowds in general, more encroachment on open land, etc. The biggest problems come from folks who want Colorado to be like their "old places". So, a word of caution. If you don't want wild life in your yard, Colorado may not be the best place for you. You will want to educate yourself about wild life, since foxes, racoons, coyotes, deer and the occasional bear, cougar, skunk, elk or moose, do wander into more populated areas as their habitats shrink. Rabbits, mice, rats, squirrels and prairie dogs are just about everywhere. If you want to live in the country or up in the mountains, there will be wild life and they will come into your yard. Please choose a city or town to live in if you don't like how farming smells. It may not always smell wonderful, but we all like to eat. Horse and/or cattle operations may not be the best neighbors for folks with sensitive noses, either. [read more...]

Portland, OR

Sunny days - 7/16/2013

Colorado has lots of mood lifting sunny days.[read more...]

Abington, PA

I Didn't like Denver - 6/27/2013

This is strictly my opinion after living in Denver for 17 years. Here's why I didn't like Denver - the "mile high" (5,280 ft above sea level) altitude was very difficult to adjust to. Also, with Denver being a mile high, it is considered semi-arrid, the truth is that you can't possibly drink enough water to stay hydrated and there isn't enough moisturizing lotion in the world to keep you from drying out like a mummy and trust me, your hands will look like they belong on a mummy. I found the people to be mean. Forget trying to make friends if you aren't in one of the "clique" neighborhoods; Parker, Highlands Ranch, Roxborough. Denverites are shallow and phoney (sp?). My spouse retired and we left Denver never to return![read more...]

Englewood, CO

Don't like the weather? Wait 10 minutes.. - 5/26/2013

The weather here is so incredibly changeable.... Nothing lasts long enough to get tiresome.[read more...]

Loveland, CO

Conrad Balll Middle School - 4/23/2013

Conrad ball needs to up the education of it's Middle schooler's![read more...]

Hammond, LA

Colorado tech jobs?? - 2/7/2013

I want to relocate to Colorado from Louisiana so badly its not funny. Lousyana is more like it here. Sorry to say but the weather sucks, hurricanes, humidity, and mosquitos too. Plus there are no tech jobs to really speak of, and the pay here is really low, like terribly low.[read more...]

Fountain, CO

Climate - 11/19/2012

Colorado is one of the best places to live and cannot be surpassed for beauty. It is also the friendliest place on the planet.[read more...]

Southgate, MI

Colorado I want to come - 11/8/2012

Hi we're from Michigan and we need a change badly! We would live to come to Colorado we have no idea about the place it just looks and sounds beautiful. I'm a family of 6 with a Pitt bull so if anyone can guide me in names of agents for rental homes, areas that allow pit bulls etc if greatly appreciate that. [read more...]

Colorado Springs, CO

Looking to relocate - 7/31/2012

I have 3 boys and we have lived in colorado 4ever and I am ready to go.. I want to live somewhere with nice ppl, clean, with activities for children.. Does anyone know somewhere worth going to.. I need a great schools and low crime rate...[read more...]

Conifer, CO

Quality of living in conifer Colorado - 6/12/2012

I have lived in Conifer for 34 years, it is a great place to raise children. I raised two boys here in these beautiful mountains, the community gatherings are great, our "END of SUMMER" party is held at my house annually and has been for the past 20 years. I love this community, we pull together . Art and Gail Jensen[read more...]

Englewood, CO

Colorado - 1/20/2012

We love it here. We used to think about where we want to go on our next vacation. We don't anymore -- we can think of nowhere better than our own backyard![read more...]

Grand Junction, CO

Cost of living - 12/27/2011

I do enjoy looking at the comparison of different areas of the country.[read more...]

Macon, GA

Moving - 11/26/2011

Wanting to move an need to know where to go in Colorado [read more...]

Denver, CO

Diversity Abounds - 7/6/2011

Colorado is a melting pot not only of culture but recreation as well. Hiking,biking,skiing,climbing,majors sports teams of nearly every kind. There is so much to do in Colorado.If you're ambitious or have "ants in your pants" you'll nearly anything here...with the exception of Ocean-front property...though we do have an Aquarium in the heart of Colorado.......walking distance from downtown Denver. [read more...]

San Antonio, TX

Get out and enjoy the Outdoors - 6/1/2011

If you love to be active and enjoy the outdoors then Colorado will fit your fancy! If you love to experience a piece of every season then you will get this in Colorado! If you want to sit inside and watch TV then move to Texas![read more...]

Parker, CO

Sunny - 4/5/2011

Denver is one of the sunniest places around. Sure, it has some cold winters, but the beauty of Colorado in the sunshine outweighs it by far![read more...]

Loveland, CO

Getting ridiculus - 3/21/2011

I love living here because there are thousands of things to do. People are friendly and despite the lack of cultural diversity, there is a lot of new, exciting stuff to be seen. Public schools are great. But there is a huge problem with the costs of housing. I have lived about an hour away from Denver for my entire life, and I have seen costs of rent/mortgage go up in huge amounts every year. A medium size house (3bed,2 bath) is often more than 350,000 where I live, and it's not really even a big town. And that is average. A peice of land that isn't in a suburb is even more expensive. Expect to pay at least half a million for any small chunk of dirt that is available- usually an acre or two. If you have the funds for a home, or can opt for a single room apt., Northern co is amazing. I just don't personally feel that it is worth spending the $.[read more...]

Denver, CO

Colorado Too Pro-Development - 2/23/2011

For the last couple of decades, development, growth and population have overloaded the state. The rush to throw up flimsy unsustainable housing and chain store businesses has had far-reaching impacts that may take decades more to resolve.[read more...]

Nathrop, CO

Sunshine - 2/18/2011

Colorado is the finest place in the country for outdoor opportunities[read more...]

Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado! - 1/12/2011

There is much to do here for both culture and recreation. Very COLD in the winter, but I love that! BEAUTIFUL.[read more...]

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