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Renaissance Detroit
I see a lot of old comments on here that aren't as applicable now since the resurgence Detroit has and is going through these past few years. It's a really exciting time to be in Detroit and are we where we want to be yet? Nope not yet but we are definitely heading there. The life in downtown has change from night to day because of the investments companies are now pouring into the area. The outlying neighborhoods will slowly feel the effects of the investments getting poured into as it spills out slowly to any neighborhoods needing some TLC but it will take patience. I have friends and family who go down to Detroit on a regular basis and have also moved there in the past few years while the housing market in downtown is not as expensive as it will be in the years to come. The schooling districts are still in need of change but in order for prosperity to happen their needs to be jobs available for Detroiters within Detroit. Skill trade programs are being placed to make sure the workforce is there when the job appears. The food scene in Detroit is booming and has recently been placed in a ranking of best places to visit.



Been to worst places
I was born in Detroit. I was raised in Alaska. Detroit can't be worse than Fairbanks! It has been awhile since I've been there (2010). I live in a mobile home park that was bought by a company out of Farmington Hills, Michigan which I understand is in the Detroit area. This place is beginning to look like Detroit--things are run down and broken. Once was a nice place. OK I should write about the City of Detroit. Nice airport. I would like to go there and see a Tiger game but I am scared to go there so I don't know. As I recall it had to be the friendliest city I've been in.



2 Detroits
There are so many disparaging remarks here about Detroit--I feel I must step in.
Let's not be redundant, people, and add to all the trash-talk rhetoric. That's the equivalent of being the middle-school bully whose favorite target is the poor, obese, or intellectually-impaired kid.
Anyone who reads knows Detroit has taken it on the chin like a punch from Joe Lewis. And we know about decades of corupt government, the lack of industrial diversification, white flight, etc. That's old news.
There's plenty to love about Detroi& not just ruin porn, people!
Ask the droves of creative young folk from Brooklyn and Portland and the like--who moved to the "D" for its creative vibe, its can-do attitude, and above all--the affordability of fabulous loft space.
The problem is, there are 2 Detroits. There are the oppressively crime-gripped neighborhoods with no way out, and there is the central business district with boat-tons of investment underway.
My kids treated me to Mother's Day weekend in Detroit. I couldn't get over the price tag on the hotel room, the world-class fabulosity of Shinola, the murals and intrigue abundant in Eastern Market. Frankly, this middle-aged ol' gal now living 100 miles "Up North" wants to move back.
The thing is--brilliant public servants must envision a future for Detroit that favors all Detroiters--not just the Corktown hipsters.



Percentage of residents with less than 9th grade e
I think American factfinder is right because 6.4% of residents have less than 9th grade education in 2013.



Not worth the depression
Detroit is its own little hell! Not enough cops, ambulances. No money! no water! Everything is burnt down and dilapidated. there are no street lights, which makes everything dangerous. You know your entering the city when you go from street lights and clean empty streets at night to dark dirty streets with drug addicts and prostitutes crawling all over the streets like cockroaches. There is nothing for the youth to do, all the play grounds are hidden with 6 feet tall grass. The houses are all burnt down. When you try to fix the homes up, thieves come in and take everything worth a buck, so there is no trying to fix up the city. Don't wear name brand shoes, jeans, sunglasses, iphone or even your vehicle you could be held up at gunpoint to give up your possesions. If you have children in your car and you are carjacked you may be able to save your children if the gunman will allow you to get your children out before they take off in your vehicle, you can be carjacked in mcdonalds drive thru, the atm, or at a red light. chances are if you are male you are going to be shot by another male. women and children are now becoming part of this nonsense. If you dare cut your grass watch your back you could be shot at or killed. I don't know what is wrong with these people but ive never hated living somewhere so much! The blacks hate white people, there has been a lot of beatings of white people. Do not come here to raise a family, there are no schools, corrupt city officials, corrupt anybody pretty much, greed has gotten the best of everyone around here. Its really a sad and dirty depressing city to live in. I am now getting ready to move out of state, I've just had enough of this place, no one is friendly, everyone is stressed out and sick of this place too! even the worst cities in the united states couldn't be as bad as here and im ready to move on! Detroit isn't call DETOILET FOR NOTHING. its full of Sh#t.



law enforcement
6 years as united states infantryman at the rank of sergant



Terrible place to live
DET is a high stress environment. The city looks terrible to say the least. The only areas that look decent and that seem to be gaining any investment are those close to downtown where everything is. The city services are almost null, schools closed everywhere, lots of gun shots all night throughout the city nightly, pitbulls EVERYWHERE, this generation of 20 and 30 somethings have no respect, no consideration, low morals. They absolutely cannot drive in this city. A high percentage of Detroit is made up of burned down homes and businesses. It truly looks like a ghetto. It's a depressing place to live unless you're used to and/or don't mind this kind of environment. I'm moving out of Wayne county asap! I don't care what they say about Detroit's potential comeback; I'm not sold!



Detroit has passed the point of Decline
I was born and raised in Detroit. At times, I think I'd like to move back there, but I just can't risk my life to do it. It seems to have passed the point of decline and is now an example of Hell on earth. Crime drove me away and crime keeps me away.

Detroit is not just a city of buildings, it's a city of people. And, until the people stop electing corrupt politicians and seeing the thug/drug culture as source of pride (instead of a source of shame and horror), Detroit will not survive. It will continue down the path of becoming a ghost town with no one left but the criminals and the poor children born into that culture.

It is up to the people who remain to change it and to show the rest of us who would like to return to be able to do so with some sense of personal safety. This year when the police actually admitted that they are filled with fear as well as the rest of us and that any one entering Detroit did so at their own risk, was just the icing on the cake.

Clean up your politicians and your streets. Make it a safe place to live and your economy will turn around as residents return to contribute to your tax base and contribute to a future for your children. If you don't do it for any other reason, do it for the children.



Feels like a ghost town...
When I first arrived in Detroit a few months ago, entering northbound from 75, I felt as if I was in some post apocalypse city. Driving through the streets was so surreal that first time. I remember the scene: giant pot holes, trash tumbling around like tumbleweeds in an old western ghost town, run down buildings with no windows and graffiti everywhere. All the traffic lights were flashing instead of operating as if there were traffic. I wouldn't have been surprised if I saw some armored gorillas on horseback...

Eh, other than all that, it's not TOO bad. Everything you hear about the city is negative but it's denizens are very proud of Detroit. Not in an in-your-face bragging kinda way, as some Texans tend do be about their hometowns, but almost as if they were defending a family member or a friend. That's nice and all but there's not really much to defend. The place is still a ghost town. Nothing to eat unless you like Greek food, pizza, or "Coney islands": small diner-type places that offer typical diner fare along with some Greek food. Pizza, hotdogs and gryos get old. Fast. One good thing food-wise is that Michigan has a lot to offer to the beer lover. There's Detroit Beer Company which is brewpub with some devent beers but awful food but my personal favorite is Jacoby's Biergarten, they have a few local brews along with a variety of German and European beers and good food. And the staff is friendly and awesome. Overall, not AS BAD as you may have heard but not much better.



Outside Looking In
I recently came across these reviews, I was actually shocked at some opinions and disregard for citizens feelings shouldn't but really amazes me. The people that are bashing this town and it's population from visits and temporarly staying here should feel shame and should not judge. No one is perfect,no city is perfect,crime,envy,blight,anger,violence and corruption happen everywhere. We all all only human. There are generations of families who are rooted here, born here,their family is here and are too closely connected to family to just leave. I will admit as a Homeowner in Detroit(and expensive Dog Owner of 2 toy poodles LOL!) it is not a place for the weak, the shy, the gullible or the soft spoken. Detroit produces STRONG people. Its sad that people who are rooted here have to see the horrible things that people post on the net to mentally break them down about things that some people dont have the means to change, actually love this city and dont want to leave it. Detroit isn't for the faint of heart I guarantee you wont be bored here, there is always something to do to, somewhere to party, somewhere to pray (no matter your religion) somewhere to eat, somewhere to play and as far as diversity and acceptance, people from all over the world live here. My heart goes out to the BITTER people who posted these things, they probably dont know struggle, born with a silver spoon in their mouth and have no empathy for the citizens they might be hurting with the cruel, judging, heartless, disgusting post about the people of Detroit for their 1-3 experiences with people and places here. Hope you dont fall off that pedestal you have put yourself and your ithinkiamaboveyou city on cuz if your a weak person you wont have the strength to get back up again. ( The type of people that might kill them selves and their family because they lose a high paying job and cant afford their mortgage anymore (no offense to anyone who's love ones this may have happened to, I'm just using a example of WEAK materialistic people) Peace and Love folks!!!!!



Detroit sucks so hard
It's pretty bad here, people have non heart so to kill, steal or invade someone property is all to common here. Crime happen here because the bad outweigh the good it's so easy for a fight to happen over a bump or you looking at someone man or woman. The teachers can only do so much when dealing with kids that come from unstructured homes it's just plain ol ugly when you come to a street intersection you can't see on coming traffic because the grass is so tall lots and vacant fields aren't being mowed because this broke ass city say they can't afford it . So now we have better hiding spaces for carjackers making there job easy ...I'll just blend in with the 7ft grass. Police stations close from 4-12 they call it virtual mode u can't go pass the entry way u must pick up the phone n talk to an operator , we aren't close to any major retail stores because they just won't come to the city because of the people. It's so much bad here in this beautiful city. We have our own island that has miles of dead tress just toppling on one another downtown is wonderful with so much to do and explore but these damn black folks just can't act right. So we really can't be mad that we are nt trusted to be provided with nice beautiful homes neighborhoods and amenities. Their trying but, niggas Gon be niggas harshly said but we have proven ourselves not worthy.........not all people here are bad but unless ur have a criminal mind you can succeed much here



this is a sad place
In my opinion my views and opinions is based on my own experiences and not on the opinions of others. I had no choice at the time to move to michigan from chicago,which is my birth place. Upon arriving here i realized that a lot or if not most of the younger generation knew nothing about anything besides clothes,boys,babies and pagers..Which were the happening thing at the time..I saw little babies as young as three and four getting their nails done at the nail shop and getting weave in their hair as young as 8 years of age, and when i mentioned playing double dutch,chinese jump rope and certain activities..None knew what the heck i was talking about..Which told me that this city was and is without discipline and structure.I then would hear and see that everybody's parents,uncles and cousins all worked at the plants and some of these people i found out could not even read and working at the plants and factory's were all that they knew and they were content with that.I then noticed that a lot of these people spent lots of money on their kids shoes and clothes and mind you that some of their kids were not even worthy of this..And this is when i learned that money is the only and most thing that important here in michigan and i also learned that people focus so much on the outer appearance of themselves while the inside is corrupted..Which told me that this city is full of coruupted people with a false sense of themselves.Then i saw that people have no hospitality here, Thet only look out for family and friends here when it comes to jobs,friendship and dealings,but yet are always complaining about others.The customer service here is very bad,the people here ..most of them are angry,mean,thieves,hateful,jealous and vert envious of one another.The weather must be related to these people because it is bad also.This city discriminates against other nationalities such as the hispanics,africans,and others that i won't name nut these are just a few..They will not hire them no matter how skilled they are,but they will hire someone with a criminal record..The businesses are bootlegged,and the care that you receive is horrible..The educational system is very messed up and to top it all off most of the teachers act like the students..Detroit is an angry and mean place for even a dog to live..The landlords are slum lords and the rent is too high priced for the garbage that they want to rent to you..People that own their homes and can rarely make ends meet..this city steals the money that could help them and has no regards for their livelihood...This is a very crooked and unorganized city and state and they elect crackheads and drunks to work with the city council....This place is so messsed up..So many pregnancies and no fathers..deadbeat fathers...killings,deaths etc...My advice to those that are thinking about moving to detroit or any part of michigan...If you are real...have a sweet and compassionate heart...if you have good health, If you are a big dreamer..If you want more out of life...If you like to smile all the time...If you are financially secure and set...if you are not dysfunctional...if you have well behaved and very beautiful children......If you have an expensive pet or dog ...Please don't move here to michigan or detroit..Because you will lose all of that....just my opinion..Save yourself from this wicked depressing place.



Americas Toilet Bowl
If you want to see the worst that humanity can offer come to Detoilet. Miles and miles of run down buildings, a sad depressing look and vibe that permeates everywhere. Crime (your lucky if you are in Detroit on your own free will first of all) and its not some place you want to go to, as soon as you see the city limits you will feel a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach and want to turn around, well I had a chance to explore Detoilet, wow miles and miles of nothing but burned down houses and abandon places and thugs, they have the police scared to go into many of the areas seriously, well if crack and being a bum is your thing welcome to Heaven. Even the name brings up revulsion most places its spoken of or is the but of sarcasm or jokes, Detroit really no one wants to say they are from there or live there, its low life capitol of not just the USA but the laughing stock of the world.



An outsider opinion.
It's funny how many people on here trashing Detroit don't actually live there. OK, so I don't live there either but I visit downtown Detroit quite often and I always have a blast and love the people. One person on here was saying Detroit was nothing but crime and she lives in Birmingham which has more crime than Detroit! Even Orlando has a higher crime rate than Detroit. So does Atlanta. Did I mention St. Louis? Yes all of these cities have higher crime. So get over that already.

Detroit, Im pulling for ya. You have shaped this country as much as any other city in the union and for people to turn their back on you and write you off for dead irritates me. Its also apparent that many haters simply don't know or care about American history. Detroit started the industrial revolution and helped change the outcome of World War 2 so much so that it was referred to as the "Arsenal of Democracy". Without you Detroit, I firmly believe America would not be the superpower it is today and for that I thank you.

If you don't like Detroit then fine, either move or just keep your mouth shut. I don't think trashing the city helps anyone and like a true American hero, Detroit deserves a second chance!



Detroit is home, but it isn't sweet.
I was born and raised in SE Michigan - and although it is "home" it definitely isn't "sweet". This place has a dark cloud that hangs over it and I don't appreciate all of the closed minded, ignorant people that run around in this part of the country. I consider myself a liberal, I consider myself a person who appreciates nature and is concerned for the well being of the world around us - but in Michigan, people are very self centered, and negative and ignorant. The economy is partyly to blame, it is a wreck and people (especially our young people) are leaving the state in droves to find jobs. I'm looking to move to a place where the sun shines and dark clouds do not hang over our heads.


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