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The city squandered its great potential
Star Rating - 1/27/2020
Lived in the city through the 60s and 70s and 80s and still have family there so I'm back several times a year. They wasted the waterfront and finally put in a chintzy thing called Hart's Plaza that never felt inviting. Half of the city left and what remained was charmless and decrepit. They took care of nothing. Finally, when it was bankrupt and crime-ridden, the pizza guys came to the rescue followed by Quicken. They tried rebuilding downtown and a few brave souls opened little shops and stores. I hope it can recover but they never planned for anything other than auto manufacturing and those jobs and that industry are never coming back. They should be giving away property to tech firms and others that will hire the locals and rebuild the economy.
greg | Dearborn Heights, MI
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- 3/30/2020
george | Balch Springs, TX | No Replies

- 12/10/2019
Detroit is a Great city that needs to build!
I've lived in Detroit my entire 26 years of living, this city is rich with history and ha...
Davonte | Detroit, MI | No Replies

- 11/6/2019
Detroit - Strong City
Lots of things to do, there is always events to go to. Great job opportunities. Lots of la...
J | Brighton, MI | 1 Reply

- 6/26/2019
Great people, not a lot of jobs
I live in Detroit (transplant from the Northland) and love a lot of things about the city,...
David | Detroit, MI | 1 Reply

- 11/20/2018
Married with Children
With the exception of two years, I have lived in Detroit for 12 years. I have had challeng...
Sean | Detroit, MI | No Replies

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