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Omaha isn't the good life!
Whoever said living Nebraska is the good life, they obviously have never lived anywhere else. This place is pathetic. The unemployment rate is false. Most of the poor here are ostracized in bad, violent neighborhoods with low waged jobs and bad schools. The job market is overrated because it lacks entry-level jobs and most professional jobs are blue collared. Most businesses here only hire native omahans. If they hire someone from somewhere else the your managers and coworkers will give you a hard time on the job for no reason at all. You will get fired or quit your job due to harassment. There is this annoying small town mentality, snobbish attitude that most of the natives have. Its very difficult to make friends here because everyone is so afraid that someone will air their business. Rude, bad drivers. The public transit is very limited despite the bus routes been modified in May. The people are boring and monotone without any personality and hang in high school cliques. The poverty rate among minorities is astronomical and the government don't care. There is shootings, gangs and other violence on a daily basis. If you're not from Omaha, you'll find this town a drag and the cheap COL wouldn't matter anymore. This city needs to attract more people from the coasts, really or it will continue to be a lifeless midwestern town. There's nothing cosmopolitan about it. Just drappy and extremely conservative.



is it nice



Arkansas Livin'
Arkansas is one of the best places I have ever been to. I have traveled a lot in the US, but Arkansas stands out, has good people, great food, and its just an overall great place to live & work. Also, raising a family in Arkansas is very affordable and family values here are very strong.And even if you are just coming for a visit its an amazing place...



Too cold for too long.



right -to-work
Nebraska is a right-to-work state. Not good for workers!



Cost of living good, weather....not so great.
The title says it all. Money spends well here but the climate is something to deal with. Summer highs can hit triple digits and winter lows are typically below zero (sometimes the HIGHS are below zero) Something to keep in mind when considering living here.



All the info u need about Nebraska
Ive lived all over in Nebraska and many other states. Im 20 years old and joined this site because i want to relocate. Not because Nebraska is bad just because im ready for a change.

Nebraska has everything someone needs. Its not the biggest state so if u need a change of scenery its a maximum drive of two or three hours. The west is far more country, BEAUTIFUL scenery rolling hills and farmland, sunsets to die for.

The middle is where i live. Its a little flatter but just as pretty. There are plenty of jobs everywhere in Nebraska. Cost of living is extremly low. Id say the average income for someone in Nebraska is 30,000-60,000 a year and that is more than enough to live comfortably. My parents make about 40G a year and they live in a comfortable 4 bedroom house with a huge yard and a garage.

The weather in Nebraska changes everyday. A very common thing people say is "if u dont like the weather wait 5 min and itll change. Nov-feb, u can count on it being very cold. But during those months u get beautiful snow fall and frosty trees, along with it comes treacherous driving and broken ankles : P . The occasional blizzard happens. BUT winters vary, some are very mild and others frost bite is a serious concern. Spring is about a week long lol. Usually in may. Right after may is when the heat comes. The heat changes depending on how much it rained in the summer. Some summer are very dry and u can cook an egg on the pavement, other summers very humid. Around september fall comes and lasts till thanks giving. I shouldnt even be talking about the weather its so unpredictable. Some winters i wore shorts on Christmas and other times August i had my winter coat on. So if u like a variety, nebraska is the place.

Recreation is abundant especially if u like to camp. Most of the water sports happen up north in places like Yankton and Niobrara. Lewis and Clark reservation is very popular and open year round for tubing, skiing, ice fishing, boating, camping.

If your a big city person Nebraska isnt the place for u. Unless you move to Omaha, thats the biggest city. There is always plenty to do everywhere because if its lacking population its got lots of recreation and if it lacking recreation uve got lots of other things to do.

Hard to find a place in Nebraska without recreation though. Omaha has everything, its a big city with lots to do, opera, musicals, movies, restaurants plus all the recreational stuff. Anywher



Great place to live, but.....
I have lived in the Omaha area now for almost ten years. I came here as an Airman stationed at Offutt AFB. I moved to Papillion after I got married and we started a family. We bought a house at a pretty good price in a great neighborhood. A year after we moved in our taxes were asseted and that's when the tax man came a callin'. A mortgage that was once just 800 bucks over night became $1200. My wife and I had been forewarned, but we had no idea it was going to be that much. Seven percent sales tax on vehicle purchases is also outragous. Outside of that, this would be a great place to raise a family or retire.



Nebraska "The Good Life"
No Mountains but the finest people on the face of the earth.



The perfect mix of all things
I grew up in Nebraska and thought that when I grew up I needed to hurry up and get anywhere but there. My travels have taken me to far away places such as Virginia, California, Puerto Rico, Canada, Asia and Australia. And now, six years after leaving, I'm ready to start my family. As nice a place as several of the other places I've been to are, they don't have the same family oriented values that Nebraska has. California may have warmer winters and less dramatic climate changes but costs of living are astronomical. Virginia is way too fast paced and over crowded. Puerto Rico is phenomenal place to visit but not to stay. Canada has beautiful scenery and way too many streetwalkers even in the nicest of neighborhoods. And Asia and Australia are both beautiful places but aside from being halfway across the world, they cost a lot and require massive adaptation. Most people underestimate Nebraska. Omaha and Lincoln provide "city" activities and attractions while being "safer" than most cities. Towns like Fremont and Norfolk provide a variety of "town" activities that are not practical in large cities. There are also "villages" all over that provide incredible customer services and good old fashioned manners. This isn't even mentioning the emphasis that Nebraskans place on taking time out to do things like go camping, hiking or exploring with your family. If you only stick to Omaha and Lincoln you will never see the natural beauty of Nebraska. Omaha and Lincoln have adapted to become more city-like while the proximity to other activities and locales allows is more convenient than most cities. As for the weather, anywhere you go you will have to deal with weather. Searing hot sun and earthquakes in California; torrential downpours followed by steamy roads because of the heat and humidity in Puerto Rico; 80% likelihood of rain in Asia; blistering cold, ice, and snow as well as hurricanes in Virginia; frigid winters and luke warm summers in Canada. Nebraska has four distinct seasons, it's true. We get to thoroughly enjoy sledding and snow play in the winter, partake in fresh, crisp rain cleansed spring mornings, celebrate summer with water sports and warm evenings spent capturing lightning bugs and enjoying sun tea while watching the sun set on golden fields of corn and frolick in the leaves dropped every fall by the old oak trees that can still be found all throughout Nebraska. That's not to say that we don't have to suffer through lightning storms, tornadoes, bliz



this the heartland?? more like the anus
thid place reminds me of what it mustve been like to have been a resident of poland in 1930.....thank god im out of here in 3 weeks....these people are taxed to death, most of the homes are rundown, i live outside of omaha and im here to tell you...if you have a choice between nebraska and any other state....chooses any other state



Friendly Folks
Great friendly folks there!


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