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74.06% of people are white, 11.79% are black, 3.89% are asian, 0.51% are native american, and 7.47% claim 'Other'. 37.60% of the people in Texas, TX, claim hispanic ethnicity (meaning 62.40% are non-hispanic).

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Friendswood, TX
Best state and city for live - 4/17/2012

I need to know the best place to live in US for immegrante [read more...]

Cape Canaveral, FL
Relocating to San Antonio, TX - 2/15/2012

My boyfriend and I are relocating to San Antonio, TX in a couple of months...was that a bad idea?

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Grand Rapids, MI
looking to relocate - 2/6/2012

I'm looking to relocate to Houston Texas but can't seem to find any area that i can really go .I need help on looking for the RIGHT area that fits my family needs i need middle/high schools,cloe to shopping and colleges,i am looking to go to college so if there's some good advice out their PLease hELP mE

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North Richland Hills, TX
Texas is great - 1/29/2012

I've lived in Texas my whole life, I have visited slot of other states but the overall quality of life u get here is top notch. Alot of people will gripe about heat, yes it's hot if u do not like heat sorry it's hot here, move up north. The people here are extremely nice and if u are looking for stuff to do, there is more than I can possibly mention to do in Texas.

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Katy, TX
Relocating and need opinions on Boerne or Kerrvil - 1/15/2012

We are from Katy, TX and deciding whether to relocate (due to my husband's job) to either Kerrville or Boerne (Cordillera Ranch). Which is a better place to live also we have two kids ages 11 and 14. Any comments on schools, community, how people are sociable, etc. Any information would be great.[read more...]

Abilene, TX
Not so Great - 12/14/2011

Texas is not the ideal place for everyone, least of all me.We live in a town so boring, the excitement is watching the grass grow. Nothing to do, no place to go withour traveling hundreds of miles. Wind blows in the summer all the time.High utility bills,no jobs ( few like Wal-Mart,Burger King etc) pay minium at best. Its a right to work state so employers can hire slave labor.The restraunts are mediocre at best. Been here 3 years too long.Want to move to Las Vegas!!!!

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Burleson, TX
Texas Weather - 11/22/2011

The weather in Texas is extreme. The summers are REDICULOUS. It is too hot to handle. Drought is the common theme. Even when it does rain, it onkly takes a few days to get back to drought restrictions.

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Leander, TX
Texas is an armpit of America - 11/17/2011

Most part of Texas is just butt ugly and its an armpit of the United State of America. Mostly in the panhandle and a large area in west Texas is just plain and ugly nothing to see. Far east Texas is ok there a lot of Oak and Pine trees which is looks better than the rest of texas. Its so hot and humid here in Texas and its seem like summer is getting longer every year and less rain every year and water is becoming a serious problem here. Nothing really much to do and if you try to do something fun outdoor during the summer you can get sick from the heat. I have live in Arizona, California, and New Mexico and Texas is the worse state I ever live. I am moving back out west maybe to Oregon or Reno Nv where I will be closer to California and Oregon and I just can't wait to move out of Texas and its easy to get tired of living in Texas than all the other state I live in before. I thought that Arizona was bad living in Phoenix but no texas is worse than Arizona. I miss the drier air and the Mountains out west and the blue ocean. I am fixing to move out of Texas very soon.[read more...]

Belton, TX
weather - 11/13/2011

Love winters in Texas![read more...]

Queen City, TX
Very Hot and Dry Summer - 10/24/2011

After living at the Lake of the Ozarks for two years, and becoming acclimated to snowy winters, our family moved back to Texas in early 2010 to land in the hottest summer in Texas history. In two words, it was absolutely miserable. The house we live in does not have ample insulation at all. Even with multiple layers of curtains, three window units and the central air on almost constantly, the inside temperature was 85 degrees or higher during the day, for months. The outdoor air was thick and suffocating, and being outside was tolerable for a few minutes at a time, even early in the morning. I do not recommend Texas for seniors, children, or middle-aged women who suffer from hot flashes. I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, and I cannot wait to leave the South forever.

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Porter, TX
Texas is a Great State - 10/22/2011

I love everything Texas! [read more...]

Killeen, TX
Killeen-Temple-Fort Hood, Texas - 10/4/2011

The Killeen-Temple-Fort Hood, Texas metro area is the best place to live and raise a family. The Cost of living and quality of life are affordable. The perdominance of active duty and retirees gives the aire of stability and comforts of hometown living. Affordable housing: homes for sale and rental market rates are competitive. Country living at it bests. From Texas you can travel anywhere in any direction by air or by land and enjoy life.

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Leander, TX
Not so great - 9/21/2011

Texas is not so great because the weather is so miserable here from late May until Sept. Not so pretty here and its alright in a few places. Its so boring and not many sight seeing. Out west like California,Oregon,Washington,and Colorado there is many sight seeing to see and many outdoors things to do and here in Texas if you try to do some fun outdoors activity you might get a heat stroke because its so hot and humid here in Texas most of the time its over 100 degree everyday and drought is a huge problem and a growing problem. The panhandle of Texas is just butt ugly and its flat with no trees and mostly grass. Southeast Texas there a lot of pine trees which I like but its still flat and is so humid compare to the panhandle. West texas is very boring nothing to see and there is some mountains until you reach closer to EL Paso but EL Paso is a boring city and ugly. There is many illegals living in Texas and its a very serious problem because they are causing a lot of crime problems. The job market is a joke here in Texas and I have no luck finding a really good job with high pay. I should have stay in California or move Oregon or maybe to Colorado but my family talk into me to move to Tx and now they all move out. Some people here are nice but not very many and they are mostly snobs. I have visit other states where people are so much nicer and I came from a state where people are much nicer than Tx. Property taxes is a joke here and its so high that I don't know how people here can afford their house payment with those high property taxes. Other states like Oregon and Colorado have a much lower property taxes. I am moving to Oregon or colorado because the weather there is so much more comfortable than Texas. Its may rain a lot in Oregon during the winter but I rather live somewhere where the summer is so nice and not deal with a crappy summer in Tx. I am fixing to move out of Texas very soon.[read more...]

Weatherford, TX
Housing - 7/30/2011

Very affordable [read more...]

Garland, TX
Thanks - 7/7/2011

Thanks for the helpful comparisons.[read more...]

Garland, TX
It's the heat - 6/16/2011

Texas is just hot, no matter when, no matter where. [read more...]

Cedar Hill, TX
Premier City - 5/22/2011

A vibrant fast growing premier city richly diverse in culture and neighborhoods.Economic growth of new shopping centers,educational centers and many new business relocating.Great tax break incentives for new business growth.Parks,,fitness centers and a outstanding recreation center[read more...]

Fort Worth, TX
Texas - 5/7/2011

Very conservative socially, politically, economically, and religiously, except for a few more progressive towns and enclaves at universities.[read more...]

College Station, TX
Crime in Texas is Increasing - 2/25/2011

If you are considering relocating to Texas, you need to know about the rapidly rising crime rate. Crime is on the increase not only along the Texas/Mexico border and large cities throughout the state. Crime is increasing in rural areas as well. Thoroughly research the area of Texas you are considering relocating to. Better yet, choose a safer state and city to live in.[read more...]

From Texas - 2/25/2011

I've Lived in Multiple States and Multiple communities... I hope I will be a helpful contributor. [read more...]

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