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Especially for Sabra in Arlington, TX
Star Rating - 6/4/2015
I turned to JDate because I was curious. Tonight (6/4/15) I saw your member's view on climate. I was tempted to join JDate but I'm not sure if Sabra is still available. Hope that she will answer this to or phone me: (972)978-5487. Now for the quality of life:
You are what you think. Think positive and expect positive results. The glass is half-full. You can achieve what you want if you really work at it. It requires perseverance. Think Successful...Be Successful.
About me: I live in Coppell and have been a Dallas area resident since '68. I have a master's in public relations (Boston Univ.)and have over 40 yrs of exp in PR & Marketing. Easy going, adventurous, love to travel, love Israel. I'm traditional but Reform. I've worked in the restaurant and franchising business. If you're not Sabra but want to explore a relationship please contact me. All good wishes!
Marvin | Coppell, TX
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You sir, are scary horny.
John | Hutto, TX | Report Abuse

- 3/28/2017
Texas is rapidly changing
There are numerous positives about TX. They include a strong work effort, basic honesty o...
Ronnie | Plano, TX | 11 Replies

- 8/17/2016
Texas is not a great place to live.
You are sad, young girl from Austin, Texas. I was born, and raised, in New Jersey, and I w...
Robert | Fort Worth, TX | 5 Replies

- 3/6/2016
Amber | Johnston City, IL | No Replies

- 10/27/2015
Looking for someplace to settle down....
Ronald | Ogden, UT | No Replies

- 7/18/2015
The Great State of TEXAS!!!
Big things happening in "Big T"...
PN | Desoto, TX | No Replies

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