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Texas is rapidly changing
Star Rating - 3/28/2017
There are numerous positives about TX. They include a strong work effort, basic honesty of its citizens, & no state income tax. Unfortunately major metro areas of DFW, Houston, & Austin are experiencing dramatic housing cost increases. Most middle class families & individuals are rapidly becoming priced out of safe & decent housing (both rental & ownership).
Ronnie | Plano, TX
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I have lived in all three cities listed. Austin was, by far, the most enjoyable and friendliest and happiest place I have ever lived....until about the mid 1980s at which time the decline began. By 2000, I considered it untenable and abandoned ship and never looked back. I spent several years in Dallas going to medical school. I really liked it. Again, it devolved, and the last time I went there 2 years ago, I was astounded. The city is impossible to navigate comfortably, they have even started charging for driving on the loop, much of the choice territory within the loop is now not only ugly, I wouldn't go there after dark. The traffic is impossible. I swore I'd never go back. I hate to miss the high quality medical conferences, but going there isn't worth it. Houston. Nearly the same comments apply. The police are nearly as bad as the criminals. The last time I went there, for a medical conference by Baylor, a woman was murdered within six feet of me in a "good" part of town. I stayed as a witness and can testify that the Houston police I encountered should be shot also. I'll never go back. All that having been said, there are many towns and cities in Texas that I see as near heaven to be in. Dallas, Houston and Austin ain't three of them.
Adam | Austin, TX | Report Abuse

Only the mountains areas are cool in the summer, however finding a job would be a tall order unless you work for yourself. Guadalupe and Davis are the two places I have been.
a | Hemet, CA | Report Abuse

Thats because they are becoming liberal.
Jim | Glen Ellyn, IL | Report Abuse

Texas sounds nice, but is very hot and humid. Which city in Texas has the most comfortable climate?
Ron | Cary, NC | Report Abuse
- 8/17/2016
Texas is not a great place to live.
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Looking for someplace to settle down....
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The Great State of TEXAS!!!
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Especially for Sabra in Arlington, TX
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