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Texas is rapidly changing
Star Rating - 3/28/2017
There are numerous positives about TX. They include a strong work effort, basic honesty of its citizens, & no state income tax. Unfortunately major metro areas of DFW, Houston, & Austin are experiencing dramatic housing cost increases. Most middle class families & individuals are rapidly becoming priced out of safe & decent housing (both rental & ownership).
Ronnie | Plano, TX
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I have lived in all three cities listed. Austin was, by far, the most enjoyable and friendliest and happiest place I have ever lived....until about the mid 1980s at which time the decline began. By 2000, I considered it untenable and abandoned ship and never looked back. I spent several years in Dallas going to medical school. I really liked it. Again, it devolved, and the last time I went there 2 years ago, I was astounded. The city is impossible to navigate comfortably, they have even started charging for driving on the loop, much of the choice territory within the loop is now not only ugly, I wouldn't go there after dark. The traffic is impossible. I swore I'd never go back. I hate to miss the high quality medical conferences, but going there isn't worth it. Houston. Nearly the same comments apply. The police are nearly as bad as the criminals. The last time I went there, for a medical conference by Baylor, a woman was murdered within six feet of me in a "good" part of town. I stayed as a witness and can testify that the Houston police I encountered should be shot also. I'll never go back. All that having been said, there are many towns and cities in Texas that I see as near heaven to be in. Dallas, Houston and Austin ain't three of them.
Adam | Austin, TX | Report Abuse

Only the mountains areas are cool in the summer, however finding a job would be a tall order unless you work for yourself. Guadalupe and Davis are the two places I have been.
a | Hemet, CA | Report Abuse

Well, the price of a two bedroom condo in Southern California and some areas of Northern California for a one to two bedroom condo (with HOA of no less than $200 a month) range from $420,000+ and to rent a one bedroom apartment go no less than $1700 a month, so when you compare $ Prices for Texas it is really affordable.
Andrea | Santa Clarita, CA | Report Abuse

Dallas's city politicians are bringing the city down, however, I disagree with the comment that it "is dangerous within the loop"! As with ANY large older city there will be a pocket or2 of the city that are best not visited at ANY time of the day or night unless you have a group of people with you! It's always best to do your research of the city itself by checking police reports, real estate reports, news paper accounts, historical accounts, and not base it on hearsay! Once it becomes similar to gossip it leaves you open for participating in slanderous comments! I grew up in the city of Dallas, my mother was an executive secretary for the City of Dallas & my father ran his own business in the western sector of downtown Dallas across the Trinity river known as Oak Cliff. Even though we lived in northeast Dallas I attended a private high school in Oak Cliff and could even walk several miles to my father's business in my school uniform without fear. I lived in Austin during my college years & swore I'd return as an adult, but I never did because the cost of living was too high in our state capitol for the average person. There are 3 classes of residents in Austin: the very poor, the very rich, and the politicians! Oh yes, & the college student making that 4 classes! The newer incoming residents were attracted by technology like Dell Corporation that is not even based in Austin proper but north of Austin! As far as Houston is concerned, I have many relatives in, around, & just outside of Houston. I would classify Houston as about the same as Dallas. Your native Texans are the friendliest bunch of people. The unfriendlies come from either the "nouveau riche" or newly transplanted in Austin, Houston, and Dallas. I would not classify Austin as friendly unless you're frequenting the trendier places or 6th St. in downtown Austin! As for down-to-earth daily living...friendly is not the word for Austin. The collegians are friendly, the native Texans are friendly, the politicians at election time are friendly ...AND that's it!
Elisabeth | Plano, TX | Report Abuse

Yes, Texas is very nice! I've visited many states and we do have a beautiful country! So many states have truly beautiful areas, but there is no state I'd rather live in than the Great State of Texas! Go in any direction and you can find your choice of location, scenery, weather, dryness, humidity, cultures, type of people or not! In Texas you can make a difference or not if you so choose!
Elisabeth | Plano, TX | Report Abuse

I have stated my opinions already about Adam's comments on our state's triad of cities. His comments are very damaging, slanderous, and not at all helpful & in some cases not true!
Elisabeth | Plano, TX | Report Abuse

I have to add that a previous commenter either didn't know what he/she was talking about or based the comment made on hearsay. The comment that I disagree with is the comment about Dallas being "ugly within the loop". Apparently, this person did not get the opportunity to really see or visit those areas. It's an unfair assessment to make. Once again, there are some pockets as in any larger city of over a million residents! There are some beautiful areas of this very old city. It's not the antique of a St. Augustine or a San Francisco, but it's great for an old city in the southwest! Dallas is catching up with the times by beginning to charge tolls for it's main loop around the city to pay for renovations instead of raising taxes. WONDERFUL IDEA!
Elisabeth | Plano, TX | Report Abuse

Thats because they are becoming liberal.
Jim | Glen Ellyn, IL | Report Abuse

Texas sounds nice, but is very hot and humid. Which city in Texas has the most comfortable climate?
Ron | Cary, NC | Report Abuse
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