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Texas is not a great place to live.
Star Rating - 8/17/2016
You are sad, young girl from Austin, Texas. I was born, and raised, in New Jersey, and I wouldn't trade my youth spent growing up in the Garden State for anything.
I moved to Houston, Texas with my family in 1974, and the first things I discovered were the unbearable summer heat, and very mean people from Texas, and the south.
During the summers in Jersey one can play outside, all day, and into the evening. In Texas the heat is soooo oppressive (afternoon temp 115 degrees; 40 percent humidity) that one must stay inside.
The people, well that is another story. If you are not from Texas it takes a very long time to land a good job. To them you are just another 'damn yankee'. I heard that term at work, at parties, etc.
Texas is not the wonderland that Texans think it is.
Robert | Fort Worth, TX
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I too grew up in "The Garden State," Bedminster was my childhood home and the place where me and my new wife started raising our family. Easy Winters, beautiful Spring, Summer and Fall months too. But leaving that State was the best thing we could've done for ourselves, and our kids. There are so many nicer places to live then New Jersey. The cost of living in NJ is too high for my blood, and it's still growing. 50 years ago I'd have thought I'd live my life there, but not a chance! TX is a beautiful place to live, but you can't expect people to make your life anything other then what it already is... that's your job! There's hot weather anywhere you go, but air conditioning can take a bite out of it if you're having trouble dealing with it... that is if you want it too.
Eric | Litchfield, CT | Report Abuse

Robert, you sound like a little sissy who let Texans push you around. I grew up in Texas in the 80's and 90's and I always played outside, road my bike miles down the road to meet with my friends, and had an amazing childhood. You couldn't find a job because your skill set was lacking. I work with plenty of damn yankees. I hope that you have moved from the greatest state in the union because you sound like a pushover.
John | Hutto, TX | Report Abuse

Try growing up there now.
Kerry | Camino, CA | Report Abuse

You are right about one aspect of mean Texans. Put them behind the wheel & they will run over anyone they perceive are in their way.
Ronnie | Plano, TX | Report Abuse

Just because you want to live in a comfortable climate and a pretty place does not make you a push over.
Gwen | Florin, CA | Report Abuse
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