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"Life in NC"

Life in NC - 11/24/2008
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Natives rarely speack of their state to outsiders. It's not that we are unfriendly. When others brag about their state we just figure that's where they ought to be...
NC is where I'm suppose to be...

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Unadilla, GA

Love the parts of NC I've seen ! - 12/12/2016

I don't live in NC, I'm from GA. But wish I was wealthy enough for a second home ! I've traveled much of NC and all that I've seen the places are beautiful and the people are very nice ! My wife and I love to vacation there !

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Reading, PA

Keep an open Mind - 8/16/2016

Typical northerns who cant appreciate southern culture do not like the south. I am from PA, (I know, to people in NE that's the "south"), but I fell head over heels in love with southern culture. If you keep an open mind, embrace the slower speed of life, attend a community event, and eat the food, they welcome you. Southerners are very proud of their culture and heritage. And why shouldn't they be? They have a lower cost of living, lower taxes, a healthy economy, and fantastic weather. If you say they turn their noses up at northerns its because northerners do not embrace the culture and think "slower" and "Christian" mean "backwards." Its a different country; and when you live abroad (as I have), you embrace the experience, the good and the bad. You show the people there that you are willing to learn and adapt to their ways. Its called assimilation. This is required when you move to a different part of the country, since the US is so lucky to have such a vast and varied subsets of cultures. Northerns, ya'll need to get over yourselves. And I'm sorry, but "ya'll" is way better than "yous" "yous guys" or "yinz."

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Durham, NC

Durham NC - 1/25/2016

I love where I live in Durham NC. It is nice that it is close to Raleigh, Cary and Chapel Hill. Lots of great shopping and events nearby which are very important to me.

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Icard, NC

Dobbs Youth Development Center - 12/28/2015

No place to vent this information. Dobbs Youth Development Center in Kinston, NC is a all male youth detention center that is privately operated. It is a horrible place that is in my opinion given a blind eye to. I know that there is bullying going on there where some of the boys there take food from others and the "guards" see this happening. There is fighting and recently a big one. Does anyone care about the boys here? And they are all boys. Try and contact this place; no one will answer or call you back. Are we going backwards? Someone please help.

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Chula Vista, CA

housing in N.C. - 11/5/2015

would like real estate info about N.C.

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South Dartmouth, MA

Retirement - 10/5/2015

Looking for a good retirement area

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Alice Annette
Orlando, FL

relocation to N. Carolina - 10/2/2015

preferably up into the mountains. North and West. Any help working on a contingency?

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Whitsett, NC

if you come south go urban stay near big citties - 8/23/2015

originally from Long Island, NY. Thought southern hospitality was real, found out not for northerners. We went suburban big mistake, we are not religious, no kids. The Home owners Associations are crazy, it is like living with in a dictatorship. A woman I know living here 20 years finally gets to be called a transplant. All you hear is have a blessed day which I have been told is their ways of saying F-U. They think all the northerners coming down are ruining their culture. Churches run every thing, sports, daycare, and we even have to vote in churches. No separation of church and state here. My husband has joined town clubs only to be insulted or ignored. I want to move back north, but because our development allowed the third section to be built 60 grand cheaper we can not go yet. Four years of a nightmare still going

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Orchard Park, NY

Relocation - 8/17/2015

Would like more information about living in NC (preferably coastal areas).

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Denver, CO

Rocky Mount, NC- quality of life for a minority fa - 7/14/2015

Hi I am looking to move to Rocky Mount this fall. Can anyone give me feedback about living there? Thanks

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Greensboro, NC

Looking to Relocate to North Carolina - 3/25/2015

I am a Realtor and a Licensed Broker/Owner at The Buyer Agency. My passion is assisting my clients on the road to home-ownership. I look forward to finding and closing on the perfect home for my clients. I have been in the Real Estate Business since 2009, but have worked in the Mortgage Industry since 2003. Whether you are relocating to The Triad area, downsizing, upgrading or looking to build a home, please call me for all your real estate needs! I look forward to our Journey together.

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Alamogordo, NM

Albuquerque - 2/27/2015

I like it

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Steep Falls, ME

would like some advice on NC & SC - 2/19/2015

hello We live in Maine and are looking to find a place in NC or SC. We plan to spend Jan- March there and possibly retire there later on. We hope to rent the house on the months we are away and will need a good local rental company.We are open to multiple locations, but want to be w/in 10-15 minutes to the beach in a safe area and need AT LEAST .5 acre with a bit of privacy for a pool, dogs and kids, and we would like to avoid outrageous community fees and taxes ( and not on the any water please - as we would like to avoid the aquatic wildlife from coming into the yard:). We do not care about the school systems, as we haven't really found any that are great and so we homeschool. We are starting to look at Wilmington and st. helena island areas right now. We want a place that will have decent rental potential. We know there are negatives to any location, so please do not respond to this with reasons not to move there. We love Maine but it is super expensive and the winters are getting worse every year, so this is a move we will be making. Would love some suggestions on lodging as well, as we come down to look around. Lastly, if anyone reading this is in the mental health field, I would love suggestions on companies with seasonal positions if they exist. Both my husband and I are LCPC's/ therapists and would love to know if there are local agencies that offer work for a few months at a time ( ie- assessment/intakes, etc). Thank-you so much for taking the time to read and respond to us :) Luwana

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Charlotte, NC

Mountain Island Day School - 1/21/2015

Someone keeps taking down my reviews???? I wonder who that could be? Tammy and Tom? This school has teachers removing anything that is not positive about the school. It is unbelievable to me what they will go through to hide the truth. Do your homework before going to this school!!

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Lexington, NC

It really is less expensive here - 12/16/2014

If you're thinking of leaving your "big city" and moving to NC, you couldn't pick a nicer place, honestly. This is the one southern state that is welcoming to "transplants". If you go to Georgia or South Carolina you won't get as good of a reaction, but North Carolina has a good history of accepting people from other places once they get to know you. I know, we have a high tax rate, but you actually get some services for that tax rate. Many counties have a lower homeowner tax rate, if you live in the county and stay out of the city limits. If you don't mind driving 10 extra minutes to go shopping, you'll find yourself getting a much better deal on taxes. However, those taxes provide you with essential services - so keep that in mind. If you choose to live in the cities of North Carolina: You have more expensive housing, but typically better schools (this does not necessarily apply to small towns), they require a higher tax rate, but your 911 response time is in 2 - 30 minutes. Typically, the cities are more receptive of "foreigners" and "transplants". If you are from a large city, such as LA, NY, etc., you will probably be most comfortable in the cities of Charlotte, Greensboro, Raleigh, or Winston-Salem and maybe Asheville, though it's a little smaller. Wilmington is great too, but it's a lot smaller, but it has the added benefits of being on the beach. Charlotte is easily our largest city, so I would recommend that one to anyone who wants to live in a decent sized city. It has many outlying suburbs that are less expensive to live in. There are all manner of smaller cities and towns and just countryside that you can purchase homes in. The less civilized it gets the less expensive the land and homes become. There are still huge tracts of 100+ acres available many places here for development, though they are typically in the countryside and not worth developing. The place is here, the money is definitely not that bad. However there are less expensive places in the states. Here we have mountains, ocean, and everything in between. It's a much more gradual fall in the land though, completely unlike california. We have cold weather here, unlike LA. We have a local population which is very conservative. "You can't sling a dead cat without hitting 9 churches." is a phrase that was made to describe the bible belt of the south, and North Carolina is in it. The cities are not conservative like that, but the smaller cities and towns are very conservativ

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Festus, MO

Basements under houses - 8/5/2014

I was looking at houses that are For Sale in Kings Mountain, Charlotte, Ashville, Greensboro, and Marion. Why is there no basements under houses? What do people do for Tornado's?

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Fayetteville, NC

Fayettenam earned it name. - 7/14/2014

I don't recommend moving to anywhere in NC. If you absolutely have to, Wilmington is probably the best place to do so. I have lived in "Fayettenam" all my life, native, and have been to almost all areas surrounding. I have seen the degradation first hand. Stay away if possible. I work in a public office and can tell you first hand, Fayetteville has the worst crime rate per capita on the east coast and is worsening daily. Yes even worse than NY. NC, especially Fayetteville, has a gang problem but the worse thing is, they don’t want to admit it. I am trying to get out, but made the mistake of staying too long. Fayetteville is a black hole; and if you do your research you’ll see that’s not the only time you’ll hear it.

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whatevah - 6/16/2014

NC has great weather and very bad air quality.

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Garner, NC


I am a life long resident of NC. My family has been here since before the Revolution. Currently we are the 3rd state with the largest number of us citizens relocating from other states to NC. this has caused real estate prices to increase and taxes to increase as we have had to build more schools, roads, houses, etc. This has created a lot of jobs not found in other states. Natives are generally indifferent about this large influx of people. Most people liked things the way they were and don't like being told how much better they did it up north. We feel if things were so great where you came from, why didn't you stay? If you want to fit in, don't criticize so much. If you moved here and don't like it, no one invited you down,so just go back to where you came from.

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Waltham, MA

North Carolina: Beware of this State - 4/16/2014

Upon first arriving in the Triangle in the late '80s, I thought it was beautiful and a relief to the congestion and cold weather of New England. However it was not long before I realized my egregious error. Employed by the old Carolina Power & Light Copany, my work unit was moved into an underground facility that the company knew contained harmful chemicals. (An engineering firm I employed found the company records.)Many in my group got ill. My once perfect heath was gone forever. Two years and many hospitalizations later, I was finally due in court. My attorney was hopeful. But "somehow," the case was dismissed just three days before trial. Despite my damaged health, I managed to get re-employed by Duke. I thought I would be safe there. Wrong again. This institution, along with the rest of this state's charming inhabitants, have no idea what "Christian values" are, despite their constant Bible-thumping. Never in my life have I experienced such virulent hatred for belong to a minority. More federal laws were broken, including the ADA. The population of this state are clueless about the principles upon which this country was founded. They are a lawless and cruel bunch who when backed against the wall with facts, the truth, show their true colors as bullies. Unless you are intellectually impaired and white, southern Baptist, stay out of this hell hole. They destroyed my health and livelihood. Finally, I escaped home, right in time for the Boston Marathon bombings. We Bostonians, with all our oddities, run towards each other in times of trouble. North Carolinians either ignore you or come at you with sticks to beat you into the ground. This is no joke....the only passion North Carolinians possess is hatred for everyone else. Avoid NC. Hopefully, karma exists and these people receive their just desserts.

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