Dirt Cheap to live here

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I lived in St. Louis for one year before moving to Chicago. St. Louis isn't a terrible place to live, but I found it to be kind of an bland, ugly city. Unless you love professional sports, there isn't a whole lot to do here. It's cheap to live here, because like most Midwest cities, there isn't a ton of people flocking to move here. I like a little more diversity and action in my cities, likely why Chicago is a better fit for me.



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Lots of places to shop, eat, and see! I'm in love with the historic houses and architecture. Unless your an idiot and go into "bad neighborhoods" (which all cities have) the crime rate is relatively low. The education is great. There are a ton of great private schools such as CBC and Incarnate Word. The public schools such as Lindbergh High are very nice too.



It is a disgusting putrid place to live or visit



Dr. Hill G.

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And straight from beautiful Omaha, NE, "B" is here live to tell us about how ugly historic, fabulous STL actually is. "Unless you love professional sports, there isn't a whole lot to do here," you say? Hmmm. Do you read books, B? We've got one of the top universities in the Country, abbreviated WUSTL, right here. And annexed to it is a TOP 10 hospital, Barnes-Jewish. How about digging into their "bland" mega-diverse libraries, B? Oh, and thank God there aren't a "ton of people flocking to move here," dear B. Look what that, in your opinion, blessed flocking phenomenon did to once-clean and beautiful Atlanta. Sherman wrecked it during the Civil War, and the transplants from all over are doing that devil's work all over again. St. Louisans are grateful for the modest relative "unknown" status of their MSA: It keeps the rifraff from "discovering" it. Enjoy the wonders of Nebraska, B.



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