This place is a dirty ghetto

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I moved down here from the midwest and was influenced by top ten lists by such publications like Kiplinger's and Forbes listing Houston as a top ten economy, top ten place to live, so on and so forth.

Gotta say this place sucks! Plain and simple. I'm going to write the apartment complex a check for the last 3 months of my 6 month lease and go back home and re-evaluate. Besides H-Town being a concrete jungle, all this talk about a great job market is a joke. If you want to work a low income service job or BS straight commission job, you'll find no shortage of opportunities, but I have a Master's degree and need something commensurate with my educational background. Forget about the oil and gas industry unless you know someone. Very difficult to get in with Exxon Mobile, etc.

Everyone has to find out about a place for themselves. I spent a lot of money moving down here and now I'm spending a lot of money to move back. At least I won't daydream in idle thought anymore wondering if the grass is greener elsewhere.



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Sheena, anyone who is thinking of moving to Houston should stay where they are because this is not the answer to the problems you think you have and will leave behind. As bad as Cincinnati is, Houston is worse. Damon and Nikki's views are spot on.



Sheena K.

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I am thinking about moving to Houston next year from Cincinnati, OH. Moving to Houston has never been something I thought about doing until someone I know recently moved and talked about how great it is. The question is, "Is it really?" In my mind I'm thinking, nothing could be worse than Cincinnati!



sabrina j.

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Great Attitude! I moved to Hampton, VA from Minneapolis out of curiosity but now have regrets.. Aslo I spent alot of money moving.. I had to see for myself though



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