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 Victor Right
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Star Rating 6/28/2007
The town must do something about the increase in gangs in town, this county, and in Durham. My child tells me that her high school has several gangs in there and that other local high schools also have seen an increase in gangs. There are black, white, Hispanic, Asian, and all girl gangs increasing all over town and making there way into the lives of residents here. Crime is on the increase and at times it does not feel as safe as it once was.

Also, there should be a little more control on those students from Carolina that love to urinate and abuse our property on Franklin Street on weekends and before and after football games. Police should crack down more on alcohol and drug use among those students and limit the hours that students can get drunk before they have football games on campus. Students need to respect the community more and business owners on Franklin Street more. Each year, you get these lude wannabe gangsters and more and more rude students with each freshman class. I hope they do not turn this town into a ghetto.

Other than these things, this is a nice place.



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How should police limit student drinking before a game? How? Do the gangs do anything bad in reality? The students from Carolina- are they college kids?



gricelle f.

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They did and Durham is unrecognizable in pretty much every way. We have been here for over 10 years. CHapel hill has not chenged but they are trying to work with Durham to see how they turned everything around. THere were a lot of outside investors working to revitalize Durham. THis has not happened in any other city of the Triangle. DUrham has one of the largest broadway performing arts center in a city of its size, many national and international groups like FULL FRAME film festival is held here, and so is the American Dance Festival. Foodies all over including Bourdain make this their stop for food, and he said his favorite restaurant in the triangle was one of Durham's , Vin Rouge. Duke is here, so is the acclaimed Nasher Museum, and the list of attractions go on. Nothing like that in sleepy college town Chapel Hill, still full of crime due to it being full of students and as the requirements have it, 70% must be from NORTH CAROLINA. Those that come from large international cities to work in the research triangle park, one of three in the nation, chose to live in Durham or Raleigh. My stats come from living here in many of these cities, working at both Duke and UNC, and RTP, from working at the Chamber of commerce and from my husband who is an Urban planner for 16 years in Chapel Hill. Telling it like it is.....



gricelle f.

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Yes Victor you are correct and unlike in Durham, there is not a great pressure from the University to keep the media quiet about the crime. Durham downtown is actually safer, it swarming with adults from ALL OVER THE nationa and globe and Durham graduates and students. UNC with its requirement of having 70% State residents as students, has less diversity in its population, and there is frankly NOTHING TO DO THERE, but there are a lot of bars for the kids.



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