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Ive been here 5 years and this has been the most uninspiring place Ive ever lived. I never thought it would be true, being surrounded by beautiful mountains. Ive met some wonderful people., but few and far between being here so long. Its not like any other major city where you can just walk up to people in teh supermarket, on the street, and strike up a conversation. You can actually do that in other major cities. Here, everyone keeps to themselves and are uppity. Its hard to make friends and Ive never had a shirtage of friends, until I moved here. If you are single, this is by far the worst place to live. All the hype about it being great for singles is BS.
Only if youre hanging out at the bar at a ski resort, but thats not in Denver.
If you are single stay far far away from here. Chicago and NYC are the nest places to be single. You can actually talk to people and they wont think youa re wierd. People hold back here, they seem to lack sarcasm or are just restrained in some way. Its very very weird, and unfamilar to me.
I cant wait to leave. I also think they think they are so great not wanting other people from other cities or states to live here. What City is against having other folks move in? Denver. That tells a lot about the mentality here. The income here sucks compared to more expensive places Ive lived. I was better off financially in the most expensive cities. I got paid more, my food bill wasnt as high, and my health insurance was way cheaper.
Also, there is no Trader Joes. NO TRADER JOES!!!!



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I second what most are saying about Denver (the good & the bad). I lived there for 3.5 yrs in the Olde Town Arvada area and worked for a brewery in CO. As a professional, I have never been treated so poorly by an organization, that's one reason I left. I do have to agree, if you are single it's not an easy area to mingle. You might meet a lot of the opposite sex but good luck. I have been told I am good looking,well built, fun, out going and have my morals in the right place and STILL very hard to meet others in CO? Despite all the night life, pubs, events going on? To back this up other peeps were concerned about the same issue while I was there, funny? Once again never had a problem anywhere else. The weather in Denver is sunny 75% of the time with little humidity(nice)to the point you miss the seasons a little bit. Winter, not much snow on the Front Range or at least while I was there so no problem and if it does it's usually gone in a day or two. Brown, Brown, Brown, Dusty, Dusty Dusty about 9 months a year is true. The natives to CO are for the most part are very interesting? I worked with a lot of them and it seems like the sun has gotten to most of them in one way or the other. I did not care to much for true Colorodians but met some great people who where transplants. I found Denver a mix between Cowboys+Uppies+Mountain Folk+Transplants+Wanna-be-Hippies, very liberal, all good. Really not much culture compared to other parts of the country. I seen a lot of people come and go in 3.5 yrs? That should say something? However the population is growing? Another point of interest I will address is what is being said about housing is the "Fact Jack!!!" For what you spend you do not get much unless you want to live out by DIA with the tumble weeds. I could not see spending $250-350 thou to buy a home that needed a lot of work in a happening area & I looked at many. A nice Row Home/ Townhouse is between $200-300 thou min, I will argue this with anyone. Over all, Denver has so much to do it's not funny. I had a lot of good times and would no doubt have grown roots if I had any freinds (who did not leave) or family there not to mention a better employer. It has a good young vibe. If you are in your 20's to 30's a really neat place.



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