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 edgar vancamp
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Star Rating 11/18/2009
Think of Del Norte Count as "Mayberry" with redwoods, clean rivers, beautiful clean beaches, rain, sun, fog and once in a great while a dusting of snow. If you want a life style where you get to live your life instead of just surviving and shopping then this is the place! Where people young and old go down to the river and sunbath, swim, fish and picnic after work. Where the whole county shows up for the 4th of July Parade and the fireworks display down in the bay. I can sit on my deck and watch the sun set all summer, the whales migrate twice a year, and lightning light up the ocean in the winter. I would not want it any other way. If you do not at least visit this area, you are missing out on the real California.



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Sounds wonderful. Do you still feel that way? It's been a few years. Recommended areas to consider or not for housing? How does the weather and nature compare with Hiouchi? Looking for moderate temp., like wind, redwoods, misty clouds, sunsets, quietude, and stars. Heard the library system is good? How are the schools? Is it comfortable place when retired? Is there a nightlife? Farmer's Market?



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