Have Lived In Lakewood Ranch for 6 months

 Michael Feser
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Star Rating 2/20/2010
My wife and kids moved to Lakewood Ranch which is a new area outside of Sarasota about 6 months ago.

I have always wanted to live in Florida as I got tired of the cold and winters of Wenatchee Washington and the Pacific Northwest.

Florida has been a rude awankening for us as it is not at all what we expected.

We have found the people a bit cold and distant as most are snow birds who have moved from the Northeast. We have managed to find however a handful of friends who were warm and welcoming.

Our travels to Miami and Miami International Airport have been extremely stressful. Driving in the Lakewood Ranch area has been a bit unenjoyable also. Drivers are very agressive and can be extremely inpolite in our area as well as throughout the I75 corridor. There are usually 7 to 10 accidents a day between Tampa and Naples.

After our experience here I do miss the warm friendly people of the Pacific Northwest. I wish the Pacific Northwest had the weather that Florida does.



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