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Great place - but expensive
I moved here in 2009 from out west. I fell in love with Sarasota when I was exploring while looking for a new place to live. I wanted beaches, great weather, and culture. Check, check, check. Lots of restaurants and shopping, too. But, you will take a big pay cut to live here and the cost of living is high. If you're buying a home, you won't get much for your money. If you buy and condo or townhome, tack on a chunk for monthly/quarterly fees. And watch those flood zones -- you can end up paying a fortune in insurance. Rentals are hard to find and they are expensive. It has its bad sections, as any city does. There is a huge homelessness problem that the City just can't seem to figure out. It is very hot and humid about half the year, but winters are great. Season (October - April) is crowded and traffic is heavy. I've just started researching my next move, as I want to buy a nice home in a smaller beach town that's more affordable than here. There is a stunning amount of wealth here, so if you're at least affluent, this will be your kinda place. I'm not. Far from it. So, to summarize, there are things I really enjoy about Sarasota, but I can find those things in or near a place that is more suited to my much lower budget.



Sarasota best place to retire..??
I grew up in the 50’s in Sarasota. I raised my family there.
My two grown kidos are still there.
My one son and two grandsons who live in N.J visit twice a yeast.
Yes it’s quite busy tourist season because it has a lot to offer.its beautiful, homes are nicely priced, beaches beautiful.
My husband and I have lives in Malibu Ca. 4 35 years and we are ?? ng to t settle down in Sarasota within next year.
It’s the second most beautiful place in the world.

I am looking for this to happen soon?
And we have a big middle class their together.
I will give Sarasota a 11 out of 10.



Sarasota The Hidden Gem
Sarasota is in the Gulf of Mexico coast, about 68 miles south of Tampa. It is a beautiful small city that has everything, from culture, performing arts, world class restaurants, pristine beaches and sophisticated living; while being more affordable than many other similar cosmopolitan cities.
Its mild weather is great for year-round outdoor activities like biking, fishing, golfing, hiking, jogging, kayaking, sailing and swimming.
The health care in the area is ranked among the best in the state of Florida with the Sarasota Memorial Hospital and Doctors Hospital of Sarasota.
The people in Sarasota are friendly, sophisticated, interesting and very international.
There are plans in place to make Sarasota a more, attractive cultural destination with open, public access to the bayfront and plenty of areas to walk around, which this represents other potential economic opportunities. I hope you get a chance to explore Sarasota.



Do Not Recommend
I have lived here since 2009. Sarasota is the most undesirable place I have ever lived. I have lived all over the United States. Why?

1-The rudest people I have ever met.
2-The most aggressive inconsiderate drivers.
3-The poorest restaurants in the US.
4-No traffic law enforcement.
5-Accidents daily.
6-Retailers and repairman constantly trying to take you.

Would never have moved here if I knew then what I know now.



Only for the elite
After just 6 months of living here, we wanted to leave. Four years later we are finally making that happen. Pros include gorgeous beaches, health conscious markets and stores and warm weather. Cons: homeless everywhere, poor work ethic, arrogant and rude population. Entitlement runs high here. Babysitters expect $15 plus an hour, companies won’t work with you unless your request is a paying one ($$$$) and schools are far from excellent despite what statistics show. Everyone here is living a lie of falsified status because all you see is real wealth or poor- there’s no middle class. Who has the nicer car, home, life? Who has what? Who did what? On and on. It’s overbearing to meet so many people hung up on what they own rather than who they are, we’ve isolated ourselves from the masses in a town of complete transplants.

I can’t wait to leave this nightmare of a state. The beaches are the only positive left in my opinion and those are even becoming over crowded.



Everything but the weather stinks
I don't know about the rest of Florida, but Sarasota is definitely the most antisocial place I ever lived in (not anymore). I'm a college graduate and I’ve traveled quite a bit. Strangers insult you on the street. Privacy invasion by random strangers is common. Don't be surprised if you get remarks from people you don't know about your personal life 20 years ago. I've never seen such an abnormal interest in the personal lives of strangers. I'm not a celebrity. At one point three sheriff's deputies came to my apartment banging on the door at 3 o'clock in the morning. I was sound asleep and it scared the heck out of me. Before I opened the door I called 911. When I finally did open the door the deputies appeared to be putting away drawn guns. I have no criminal history. They said they were looking for somebody I don't know, but I very much doubt they were telling the truth. I had been at that address for several months already. This was in a middle-class neighborhood just a few years ago. You can't live in a place like this.

Too many people don't mind their own business. Too many people try to annoy you, apparently just for their own amusement. People won't leave you alone when you go out. Some shop and restaurant owners are exceedingly rude to their own customers. Living in Sarasota is a legal/crime problem waiting to happen. The vast majority of residents here are transplants from the northeastern US, say north of Virginia, or a military retiree. Many people, civilians of all ages, are obsessed with the Navy and won't shut up about it. Older veterans are a big part of the problem, and many of them have a some kind of mental disorder where they repeat the word "enlisted" all the time. People in the Navy do not address other sailors as "enlisted." Nobody calls you "enlisted." They usually address you by your last name or rank. I was a Navy medic in the '70s. Civilians don't want to hear about the military all the time anyway. If the old men/losers in Sarasota can't get along with other people, they should rejoin the military or leave the country. Move next to a military base. Sarasota is a rude, combative, confrontational, and hostile environment. Like I said, I never lived in a place this bad.



A place for older people to enjoy life!
Sarasota is an upscale city, located on shore of the Gulf of Mexico, far enough south not to get too cold winter for tropical plants to freeze out and die. it has a nice freeze off the gulf, warm, not too humid in winter time, and things to see and do. it has markets, shops, restaurants, stores, a new mall, an international airport, located along Interstate I-75 which goes from Miami to Canada! its a busy place, since new people are moving in, young people who are there to stay and work. the cost of living makes it hard for them, since the county doesn't have many middle and upper income paying jobs to offer. the average is about 10-12 dollars per hour, and the cost of living index is 114% of the national average. people who come here and live here have money, they aren't concerned about it, they come here from all over the world in all walks of life. professional people, entertainers, business people, and some not so successful people also. Sarasota has some of the best beaches in the world here, spotless clean, white, sugar fine sand, miles of it along the coast. the salt and fresh water fishing here or near by is world class! golf, flying planes, boating, fishing, tennis, spas, just down the road is the 2nd richest mineral springs in the world, its open to the public for a small fee! Amish and Mennonite come here to winter, no snow! the eating and food markets are excellent in their community of Pinecraft. It's not real expense here, but a bit on the expense side, you have to shop around if you are on a budget! the summer time, well its hurricane season in Florida, not just Sarasota, and everywhere has something, we had Irma, once in the 30 yrs I've lived here, high winds and lots of rain, luckily! I lived up north, we had a snow blizzard, take you pick !! I don't have to shovel rain!! Enjoy it !!



The beach is beautiful, since its been redone..Na.. cultural is what I can say, no parking, great sand....Restruants Ok not great, Siesta Key...expensive for not much..People are strange, melting pot...Rude, dont do'll regret it..They can build a community in 5 months..renovations on the other hand upside down..headers wrong...worst tile work ever..plan on at least a 2 year remolel...The winter weather great..Summers on the other hand 98 W/99%humudity...decent schools,smelly gyms for kuds to have no manners..Have friends dealung with others kuds hitting and punching and no doing a thing&thats private schools...mostly the eighty and iver crowd for 6 months with the same ourfit , hair color and all the husbands look the same...and are the nasty along with the store owners and employees..Shopping hurendess.. the absolute worst...and all the arts they talk about sliwly deminishing, as the locals complain about all the art and music festivals so they are eliminating them 2! Lets talk about allergies forgit it everyone has them..oh Red tide...disgusting. dead fish on the beach and respiratory issues....Think twice..alot if the locals feel this way...everyone moves 1 at a time..I am next!



A True HELL HOLE, as in Florida
First, let me say, is the weather. Six months in a sauna, then the "season" where every half crazy and Alzheimer candidate suddenly emerges like Cousin Eddie. These idiotic old folks get up and start driving around and never stop. There is "breakfast out", then the Doctor, then Walmart, then the Doctor, then the "early bird". So you cannot enjoy ANY part of the year. Even in "winter", as in TODAY, the temperatures are 80 degrees and when I woke up today the humidity was also 89PERCENT. Some wonderful winter weather. House prices go up dramatically, then collapse. You can get invited to endless "dinner on us" seminars and "presentations" where they try to sell you everything from hearing aids to botox to "financial plans" to insurance, etc, etc, even "cremation" lunches. ( I suppose they serve you an incinerated piece of meat). Then you have the so called entertainment. Well, it mostly occurs in the winter and the wealthy snowbirds have pushed the prices up so high no one can really afford it. Even Selby Gardens, a mediocre garden "not for profit" charges nearly $20 just to look at their plants. Crazy. I will admit that there are endless crappy restaurants which open and close, open and close, open and close, on and on. So, at present, if you want to live in a sauna, fight constant traffic jams and idiotic old drivers, eat crappy mediocre mush food for the elderly, spend a fortune on "entertainment", purchase an overpriced house from a high pressure realtor or "developer"(which will certainly go down in price and need constant maintenance), and be marooned on a corner of the US far from real civilization, come to Florida. Oh, I forgot to mention the endless array of people you will need to maintain your house since it is so hot and humid: the pressure washer (to remove mold constantly);the exterminator"bug guy"; the painter(to repaint your basement above ground house); the Yard guys to mow, fertilize, and "treat" year round the so called "grass" (more like crabgrass); the pool guy (you must have one); the air conditioner guy (an absolute necessity); on and on. Then the CDD taxes (special assessments the developers shift onto the home purchasers, another fraudulent government invention in Florida), the HOA fees (and HOA telling you to use professional lawn care people, pressure the dirt off your roof and walks, etc, etc), the "healthcare" factories which advertise endlessly; I could go on forever, but it is getting too depressing. I live here. Don't tell me you will go to the beach. No one goes there except the tourists and it takes forever with all the traffic over the bridges. Better to just stay home in the AC and watch television in your recliner like everybody else. If you are still working, there are jobs. How about roofing at a near minimum wage in extreme heat and humidity? There are innumerable similar jobs. Enough income to live in a one bedroom leaking roof hovel and eat gruel. It is what the Florida politicians (neanderthal party) desire. Come here, everybody else does. Then many get depressed and die. Others return back to their real homes. The ones who remain........



Say No to Sarasota
Agree with many of the other comments about rude people. Moved here in 2012 thinking the arts scene would draw a more friendly, open-minded population. But many new residents bring wealth and privilege and a pretentious "me first" attitude. Almost every time we drive here, we see people getting cut off or getting flipped off by other drivers. There is an "arts crowd," catered to by several non-profit organizations who waste their money on expensive events for these self-indulgent phoneys. There is no intellectual stimulation, and it's hard to meet people. This attitude carries over to the workplace. The worst experience of my career. Even though the winter weather is wonderful, we're finding a new community that offers friendly people, a genuine vibe, real culture, better drivers, and a more open atmosphere. Goodbye, Sarasota, and good riddance.



Are you young? Look to relocate elsewhere!
The 2016 election has really made the ugliness of Sarasota come out. There are Tr*mp signs on every corner as well as Tr*mp shops. Anyway, this place is not good for young people, why? Well, because the cost of living is very high (btw, this site's cost of living is super inaccurate), traffic is awful, people drive like maniacs, restaurants are expensive and there's not much variety (a lot of places are closed of Sundays), people from up north come here and stay for 6 months and turn this place into a living hell. Young people are leaving this place for a reason, so do yourself a favor and don't take that job offer.



I lived here 12 years ago and enjoyed it very much. Now, in 2016, I find it very different. So built up, much more traffic and high rises. Even the beaches have changed. Yes, the restaurants are wonderful, there are many cultural activities to do and see. But overall, prices are so high you need to have a lot of money or make a lot of money to live here. Rent or owning is super expensive. We can't find a single family home in a 55+ for under $300,000.00. The traffic in the winter is so overpowering it takes the joy out of going anywhere. You spend most of your time in traffic. The first week I was here in December there were 3 major accidents within 5 miles of me in either direction. People drive erratically. But then again, I live off a busy street. Caution. Yes, it's beautiful. From the sky, for a weekend in the summer (if you like the heat..we do), but we've chosen to look elsewhere that's more affordable and still can give us affordable living, things to do that we love, lovely beaches while looking at the dolphins, smaller beaches which suit us better, and still close enough to bigger cities if we choose to make a day trip and anticipate traffic. The Punta Gorda/Port Charlotte area, although still up and coming and a bit more of a risk for hurricanes, is lovely and affordable. But it won't be in a few years. Fort Myers and Sarasota are only 45 minutes away, and beautiful Venice only 30 minutes away. We've been all over the state searching for the right place, community etc and we hope we've found it. Good luck all.



Way more expensive than noted on this site.
Average rent in sarasota is 1500.00 amd thats basic for studio, 1 bedroom house or apartment. Cost of homes are roughly 200,000.00 plus. Maybe 150,000 and under for condos/villas. A lot of people in the service industry live with several generations in order to afford it.



Do not move to Sarasota unless you are rich!!
I moved here to Sarasota Fl. back in 2012 from New York it's been 3 years now. This is definitely not my ideal spot to settle down. The people are horrible, unfriendly, and ignorant as hell. Everything and everyone here is still partially segregated, the cost of living is sky high and not to mention snow bird season which is the winter time when all of the tourist and visitors come down just horrible!!!!



Quality of Life in Sarasota
I am thinking of moving to Sarasota from New York and I would like hear from people who live there who are from New York or surrounding states.

How is the quality of life?
How is the crime rate?
How are the people?

Does anyone know how this compares to the Boynton Beach/Delray area?
I know it's much more quieter and more conservative than Boynton.


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