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Star Rating 2/24/2012
I still have a place in New York City but presently reside in San Diego. I had resided in Albany, New York, Fort Lauderdale,Florida, Dallas,Texas, Los Angeles, Ca, Bay Area near San Francisco and I'm extremely happy with San Diego. Weather best in U.S., traffic still manageable, beautiful coast, great resturants,active in shape people, and friendly to boot. Drugs everywhere but no different than any big city. Multicultural mid size city which I like. Like anywhere else ther are homeless, gangs, and poverty but only in certain specific areas just like any other city. It is a city after all.Love San Diego!.



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Hi Angel, I have lived in New York City all my life and have considered a move to San Diego. Someone told me that I would be bored in San Diego after having lived in NYC. What are your thoughts. I am 42 and looking for a change. I am also single and will eventually look to settle down.



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