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Star Rating 10/16/2010
There is a world outside the strip,& unfortually it isn,t that great. My advice to anyone who is thinking about moving here DON'T. It is the worst place to raise children, especially the school education. I never in my life have met so many people ( I'm sorry to say ) that are so stupid. It like Vegas attracts them, and the road construction, now come on, how many times does it take to get the roads right. Vegas is known to tear up a road not ONCE OT TWICE, but how about EIGHT or NINE times on the same street or highway & still can't get it right. Oh yeh, let's talk about the greed here. Vegas MOTTO is WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS STAYS IN VEGAS. Well thank goodness, because if I was a city or county offical I would be ashamed for anyone to really knows what goes in Vegas. My family & I are just so tired of the Vegas way & the bs that goes along with it, that we have decided to quit our jobs & leave like many other familes are doing or have done. Maybe someday Vegas will get their act together, but so far there's to much greed for that to happen now or in the future.



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