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 Holly Wolfley
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Star Rating 9/22/2011
We've been living in St. Louis for 4 years now. My husband attends Logan College of Chiropractic. This is a beautiful place to live. The sun shines most of the year. When it rains, it really pours, but then its over and the sun comes right back out. The summers are unbearably humid, and in the winter that moisture in the air turns to ice and nips at your bones. Tornado season is pretty scary, esp this last one. Entire houses were taken out just down the street from us and there was damage to our house as well. This is a great place for hiking and camping, if you don't mind pulling out ticks. There are A LOT of bugs in Missouri! There is a very high crime rate in certain areas, so check your area online before deciding where to move to. We are in Maryland Heights and its been a nice place to live. On a more personal note, I don't like living here. It is hard to make friends, people aren't too friendly, and I feel like the whole area just has a negitive energy to it. Some people really love it here though!



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Jason M.

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I think St. Louis is mainly loved by people who grew up there. There are lots of ways to make friends. There are clubs you can join where people meet up. Churches are big. Me personally used to be part of running clubs and a Cross Fit gym. 5k's and 10ks are plentiful there too! The way to make friends is to throw yourself out there! St. Louis City can be rough but the outdoor life is amazzzing! You are very right though about bugs! Kind of nuts but they are worth the beauty of the region. Caves to splunk, trails to run/hike, rivers to swim, woods to explore. I feel people are very friendly!.... outside of downtown, haha. I believe energy is what you put into it and can be very positive :) ---- outside of downtown, lol. I grew up there and cant wait to move back. I miss it so much! Right now Im living in San Juan Puerto Rico for a 1 year assaignment for my company and I am afraid to go out at night it is so dangerous. And I stick out being the 1% of a 4/5 million hispanic country. So when I get back, nobody will every pull the "its because im a minority" to me. --- Which is another major down fall of St. Louis. 55% of the population is African American but apparently they are still the minority and treated badly. I want them to stand in my shoes and they will never say anything like that to me again!. (FYI my girlfriend is black - Not racist at all! I am just stating the STL issue)



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