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 Victoria Bailey
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Star Rating 4/19/2007
Living in Eureka was a five month nightmare. Seduced by the redwoods, my boyfriend and I moved up from Sacramento eager to live in a coastal climate, liberal environment and with low cost of living. What we found was dirty, depressing, drug ridden city and constant conflict between the loggers and the tree sitters. The house shortage is unreal, we lived in an apartment that was really awful and our landlords were nothing short of exploitive. The housing was almost as bad as the job market. The market is so competitive and there were so few jobs that people felt lucky just get minimum wage work working crazy hours. I finally found a job only to lose it one day later because the owner had already hired someone else when the manager hired me. Eureka is riddled with drug addicts, and not the kind you would associate normally with Humboldt. I would frequently find hypodermic needles in the gutters and city parks, also the white Supremicists like to hang out in Redwood Park. This is unfortunate because it is a beautiful place where people bring their children. The bottom line is, there isn't much that's good about Eureka. It is a very depressing and very economically depressed place. If you want to move to Humboldt County, choose Cutten, Arcata, Fortuna or one of the other lovely little cities along the coast (Ferndale is adorable). I still love Humboldt and its gorgeous redwood country, but Eureka was not good to us, and we moved back to Sacramento 5 months after we arrived.



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Ashley S.

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I live in Eureka, and I don't like it much. I am planning on moving as soon as I can, but even I thought your review was unfair. Yes, there are parts of time where no one enjoys spending time because of drugs and other issues, but there are other really nice places too. Isn't it the same there in Sacramento? Also, I'd just like to point out that your list of places to live in Humboldt other than Eureka is a little hypocritical. Cutten, for instance, is a part of Eureka, not a town in itself, just a neighborhood. Also, the Redwood park, in which you say the white supremacists like to hang out, is in Arcata. Another one of the places on your list of where to live, which by the way, has a much bigger drug problem than Eureka does. I realize that you only lived here for five months, which isn't nearly enough time to really get to know a place, but please, if your going to write a review about reasons not to come here, please make it accurate.



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