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Dreadful place - 7/4/2021
I lived here 7 years and moved away a year ago. Crime and homelessness was really bad. Public funds which should be used to improve infrastructure somehow disappeared. The water quality was really poor. Tap water smelled awful. Nuclear rods from the old powerplant were supposed to be removed decades ago from the bay. Now the local government is claiming some are missing. Dioxins from the old pulp mill contaminate the bay. Juvenile cancer rates are really high. Unfortunately, racism is embedded in the culture. Not a single judge or government leader was a minority. Health care is horrendous. I'm so happy to get away from Eureka. Read More

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Love it here - 4/24/2021
I enjoy living in Eureka. There is a lot of beautiful outdoor trails. The climate is mild. Other places I have lived were freezing cold in winter, and flaming hot in summer. The weather here means I can safely be outdoors year round. Similar climate to SF or Bodega Bay. (BTW THIS WEBSITE ONLY TYPICALLY POSTS NEGATIVE REVIEWS ON SOME CITIES. IT TOOK MONTHS FOR THIS SIMPLE REVIEW TO BE POSTED, AND THEY ONLY DID IT AFTER I ASKED WHY MY REVIEW NEVER GOT POSTED. SERIOUSLY WHEN YOU POST A REVIEW IT TELLS YOU YOU NEED TO WAIT FOR APPROVAL. WHEN THE GUY EMAILED ME BACK HE EVEN ADMITTED THAT THEY MANUALLY "APPROVE" WHICH ONES THEY ALLOW ON HERE) I included this edited version after the fact, don't know if it will stay on. I guess it depends on if they Read More

Beautiful Areas, But Best to Just Keep Going - 4/24/2021
I lived in a suburb just north of Eureka for three years.
It has a small-town feel, where everybody seems to know everybody. There is zero traffic, but that's because it is so isolated...You have to drive at least three hours to get to civilization (through the winding narrow mountain roads to Redding or south to Santa Rosa). There is beautiful scenery. You can go to the beach and not see one other person there the entire time. But that's because it is too cold to go to the beach most of the time, the water is freezing, the current is too dangerous to even attempt to go in the water, and people are killed every year by "sleeper waves." Never heard of such a thing? Me either, until I lived there; and I grew up at the beach down south. You learn to NEVER turn your back on the waves there. The Redwoods are beautiful, nourished by all the rain they get. When it's not raining, it's gloomy (so much so there is a pervasive vitamin D deficiency among the residents). There are a handful Read More

Avoid eureka at all cost! I was assaulted here within 2 months of moving here by an absolute stranger! People have dumped items in my yard including a dead shark, most recently some one dumped demolition debris! Almost everyone has modified their vehicle to be as loud as possible and race around the city streets making as much noise as they can. I am getting out of this stinkhole as quickly as I Read More

Probably the armpit of the Pacific coast - 7/2/2020
The Pacific coast is beautiful however this is probably the least beautiful place on the Pacific coast. Town is a dump and very seedy too. On the plus side you go about a half hour north or south and you get into some jaw droppingly beautiful scenery and giant redwoods.
Still there are much better places on the Pacific coast you can Read More

Bad. Just Bad. - 3/4/2020
I want to convey an accurate picture of Eureka but realize I can only paint a picture of my experience. I have not had a positive experience here. The rent is comparable to S. California and I honestly do not know why or how homeowners can justify asking for so much. I suppose that HSU students and the weed business create a demand. But for those of us who live paycheck to paycheck (if lucky enough to find a decent job). It took me a very long time to find sustainable employment. I have kids in the school system (which is decent in Arcata), so I am stuck here until they graduate (as they have bonds with their friends).
So that is something good I can say, Arcata has a good education system and my kids like it in Arcata. Their dad owns a home there so they don’t have to deal with Eureka much. We get out of here as much as possible or isolate inside to stay away from tweakers. My car has been broken into 3 times, my nieces’ car was too. They smashed in front car window Read More

My ex-hometown - 1/19/2020
Well, I was born in Eureka in 1957. As a child I absolutely loved it there. There was plenty of work before the lumber industry took a nosedive. The Humboldt Bay still had very good fishing for salmon and the like. The population was growing exponentially and the people were pretty much common middle class folks. During my youth, the "hippie" movement was coming into full swing and Humboldt county was awash with free thinkers (hippies). Things began to change pretty drastically during the early '70's when the environmentalists get a good foothold in the community; the first nuclear power plant in the country that had been set up south of town near the King Salmon exit was shut down; the lumber industry took a hit; and the fishing began to dry up. My high school senior class of 1975 was over three hundred strong and most of us, I have discovered over the years, have left for greener pastures. My sense is that our generation was a bit more conservative than the upcoming ones, so we Read More

Kind of like a bigger version of Crescent City - 5/24/2018
A little bit more things to do, a little better restaurants than Crescent City. Still boring and suffers from a lot of the same problems Crescent City does. Unbelievably rude people, high crime, lots of drugs, methheads, thieves, bums, and other subhuman lowlife just like Crescent City. Rains and storms a lot in the winter. A little less than Crescent City though. Beautiful countryside but all the bad things are just too much for the natural beauty to make it worth dealing with. Just like Crescent City. I'd recommend avoiding both Eureka and Crescent City and go to Newport in Oregon or Tahoe instead. Beautiful like Eureka and Crescent City, but much more to do and not near as much crime and lowlifes and much better Read More

Mixed Bag - 6/13/2017
Cons-- Little economic opportunity, high property crime rates, limited healthcare services, few amenities, prohibitively expensive airfares, gray skies, horrific dating scene.

Pros-- Mild climate, great outdoors destinations, friendly people, relaxed small-town vibe, no traffic.

Eureka (and Humboldt County in general) is a great place to live if you love the outdoors. Housing costs are generally affordable but not cheap compared to national averages, and are probably a bit on the high side relative to the economic opportunities available in the area.

Not a great place for retirees, low skilled laborers, single people, shopaholics, or people who love to photograph their dinner for Instagram.

However, if you can find a good job or work from home and love outdoorsy stuff, this place is hard to beat. One of the very few places in the country where you can go out and enjoy beautiful forests, beaches, lakes, and rivers and not be swamped Read More

Pathetic slum - 9/30/2015
We have been going to the northern coast and visiting Eureka for years and years. It has deteriorated to a pathetic low of lows. Homeless and tweekers have taken over. In a 2 hour period we saw at least 5 people stumbling, drunk as skunks, on the sidewalk in the middle of the day. Beggars everywhere. It seems like so much money was wasted on Riverwalk or whatever revitalization that was done. The police and infrastructure obviously can't keep up on the druggies. We saw one person driving around just randomly screaming at people out of his car window. The streets are dirty. Businesses are shut down. Just pathetic and sad. Read More

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