So Where Is A Good Place To Live???

Star Rating 8/25/2006
I agree with many of the posts - people here are kinda surfacey, as I imagine
they would be in Airheadsville (aka California)!!!!! The mountains are nice, but very dry - unlike the green, lush mountains of the NE or NW, and often covered with haze - especially in the summer!!!!! The people here are among the worse drivers anywhere - driving to the ski resorts in the winter is a nightmare!!!!! I'm from New York (LI) and while the people there aren't that
friendly (especially the mostly materialistic womenfolk), don't see that much
of a difference here - & the food here is horrible (no fresh seafood or good Chinese)!!!!! Housing is a little cheaper - but the pay scale is much lower, unless maybe you are a professional!!!!! The constant sunny weather gets old real fast, while the high UV's fry your skin and eyes year-round!!!!! The nights are nice, cool and dry - but you don't get a real Fall here (like the
great ones in the NE) and no charm here like New England exudes with!!!!! :-(



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