Religion is CONSERVATIVE here

 David Missal
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Star Rating 9/18/2007
Religion is overpowering here - so much so that if you're a minority (ie if you don't belong to a huge church whose leader is scandalous) you feel like an "outsider".



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Teresa G.

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That doesn't make sense. I've been to CO Springs many times and my in-laws have lived there most of their lives- with that said, I see NO dominance whatsoever of any type of religion. I come from the south where Christianity is very much dominant, so I believe I've seen all sides of it. Religion is present everywhere in the USA. If you really want to feel like an "outsider," come to Utah and don't join the LDS church.



Carol S.

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I think it depends on if you're looking for it. Most atheists focus on finding religion and crushing it, so of course you'll find it if you're looking for it. Otherwise, you don't notice any faith dominance.



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