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"Beautiful state, but..."

Beautiful state, but... - 9/25/2011
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Arizona's politics are so toxic and unproductive that it constrains the greatness of this place that has such natural beauty.

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re: Beautiful state, but... - 9/25/2011 - 3/17/2013
If you think that politics are "toxic" in AZ, just try living in CA for a while. The leftist-controlled legislature keeps adding more bonded indebtedness, and more benefits for undocumented (illegal) aliens, while driving small businesses out of the state (and into Nevada or Arizona). That's toxic!

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Reno, NV

living in reno and hope to move to kingman - 11/25/2016

written my review of painted desert. will it be printed?

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La Crescenta, CA

Prescott - 1/23/2016

Am looking forward to retiring in Prescott in approx 1 yr. and would like as much info as possible re. housing and climate. Want to get away from the chronic drought and congestion of So California which is a nightmare. Looking forward to a safe, friendly community that allows for working on my photography and long walks with my dog.

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Phoenix, AZ

Arizona - 1/13/2016

I have lived in Phoenix my whole life, and I have never had any problem with this. Almost everyone I've met here is very kind and considerate. Many people are turned off by the heat, but almost everyone leaves for the summer, so the traffic is amazing, and honestly, you adjust to the heat real fast. Everyone just stays inside in the summer. Arizona is a beautiful and diverse state, with lush forests and snow, as well as vast deserts and cacti. We have many ooks and crannis where you will find amazing food, entertainment, and music. The symphony and ballet here will blow your mind, and Downtown Phoenix at night is magical. Every winter an outdoor ice skating rink is brought out and the whole community joins in. There are many options here for places to worship, and everyone here is very accepting of everyone else (with some exceptions, as any place.) we have loads of sports and teams here, with both professional and college teams. We have a great college community too, with ASU, U of A, and NAU, you really can't go wrong. There is really no limit as to what you can do here. I am very passionate about my state, and with all my heart hope that you come to join us here.

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Sun City West, AZ

Homes - 12/6/2015

I'm looking for a good area in mid-northern az. Any place/state good for my health.

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Phoenix, AZ

Seeking another state to plant roots - 10/31/2015

I've lived in Phoenix, Arizona for nearly 12 years - and I want out FAST.

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Tampa, FL

looking for a home in a city with low violance - 10/16/2015

thank you for this website

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Flagstaff, AZ

finding small home - 9/3/2015

Sperlings is super cool

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Queen Creek, AZ


Good Day To All So I moved to AZ becouse all the grate stuff I read about.Well Let me tell you it's all lies .AZ is not a family state it's they do not care about you or your's all about the Businesses.and the schools just push you kids through.if you are employed the company you are with can do anything to you and get away with it . if you don't make enough money for lawyers then you are screwed.employees don't have any rights.and if you have kids the schools are bad look at the reports on schools and you will see what I am saying . I have 3 boys that was special needs. and when I would ask for help from the schools they would tell me its the state that takes care of that . and the state would say it's the schools .and on top of that my boy should not of graduated they was not now its a nightmare. they can't get jobs or anything for they are lacking education we work with them all the time and it still don't help. SO PLEASE PLEASE DON'T MOVE TO AZ

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National Park, NJ

looking for retirement - 7/31/2015

I don't have one yet!

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Prescott Valley, AZ

Prescott valley? - 5/31/2015

Prescott is just a nice gateway for people that lives in Phoenix and a way for many California residents who want to feel once in their life middle class with some money, being able to move to a big new house under $ 300,000. Prescott is very inconvenient to live as is very isolated, the dry climate and altitute is not very nice for people with some health issues. This area is very depressing. I have heard that the local police department is very corrupted as well.I know many people that had to leave this town because of depression feelings or because they couldn't succes in their business or even survive.Neighborhoods are a mixed of whatever: mobile homes, tents, nice houses and ugly houses all together.Salaries are veryyyyy low.But if you want to experience living live simple and not many aspirations : you found the place!Of course is beautiful compare to Phoenix and many other unattratctive areas that Arizona offers.

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Chattanooga, TN

Phoenix Area - 5/27/2015

I love, love, love the Phoenix area! In five years, I cannot say ONE negative thing about it. Climate, people, beauty, amenities, activities, cost of living, ease of getting around, crime, food, proximity to many day trips, including Sedona and the Grand Canyon. I miss it so much!

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Scottsdale, AZ

Phoenix - 5/2/2015

I was recently reading Phoenix is poised for a tech boom. Great news for the local economy.

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Tempe, AZ

Arizona - 4/23/2015

Don't move here--save yourself. People who want “warm weather”?: I've lived in Chicago and I know the winters can be rough, but you will get the same with the ungodly heat and dryness 8 months out of the year here made worse by extremely hard water that's ladled in so much chlorine that no amount of filtering will make it better. It's a hot, dirty, dry and full of uneducated people whose life purpose is to destroy you. This place is soulless, unless you count Satan having a soul. It is expensive contrary to belief, especially since you will be nickeled and dimed to include people damaging you and your stuff just to cost you money that goes into their pockets. These people are desperate and will do anything to take your money and rape you of all you have. I came her for my PhD in community literacy and intersecting rhetorics of identity and it ruined my life, and this is coming from some who had it bad before. I could never have imagined that a place like this existed. This place is hell on earth. These people will eat you and spit you out and then charge you for the "pleasure." You will change, and not for the better.

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Greenfield Center, NY

where i live - 3/25/2015

I live in the foothills of the adirondack mtns,corinth,n.y. winters are not to bad. However this winter was rough. spring is slow in coming. summers vary from humid to dry. Fall is the best year. temps in the summer range from 65-95. Saratoga springs is 13 mi. away. All major stores,business within a 15 min drive. Hospital 13 mi. away.

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Herndon, VA

Relocation to Show Low, AZ - 3/7/2015

My family (3 boys and husband) are planning a possible move to Show Low, AZ and I'm interested in the schools (Public, Private and Homeschool) as well as the Community, Neighborhoods to live, Boy/Cub Scouts and youth sports. We currently live outside Washington, D.C. in Virginia. I know it will be a huge life change, but we are positive about the move. Can anyone give us insight to Show Low? Thanks!

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Anaheim, CA

Valley Fever - 2/15/2015

I was considering retiring in Arizona. I have asthma and always thought of Arizona as a healthy area for me to relocate. But what I have read about air pollution, fungus causing Valley Fever, I'm not so sure moving to Arizona is such a good idea. I'm 64 and heard Valley Fever is a bigger risk for seniors. Any comments?

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Phoenix, AZ

Too hot - 1/5/2015

For outdoor activities in lots of the state for lots of the year

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Glendale, AZ

Dry Heat? OK sure. - 8/8/2014

Yes. Dry heat in the desert for the most part. Although that claim has a large flaw. The two months out of the which are also the hottest, its monsoon season. July and August, give or take a week or two, are extremely humid. Imagine the worst humidity in the country that you have ever felt, then add 15 degrees to it. If you can stay indoors or take a vacation for a month or two (which most do, even the ones that "love it here") you will be able to handle the rest of it. If being able to handle this type of climate is what you want.

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Peoria, AZ

Love it - 7/24/2014

If you love the dry heat of a desert you will love Arizona!

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Sun City, AZ

Don't move to Arizona - 7/19/2014

Dry heat, ok. Hot and miserable, yes. Oppressively uncomfortable about 300+ days/yr. Constant state of drought, water is expensive, utilities high, housing expensive, traffic is always bad. Rude drivers, angry people, lots of drugs, thieves, gangs, fraud, auto theft,high school dropout rate is one of the highest in US couples with teen pregnancy rate make Arizona a sad place to live.

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