Best areas to live in??????

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My husband & I are expecting our first child & we would like to relocate to a city that has much to offer. We currently live in Raleigh-Durham NC but we are bored to tears here. There are NOT enough private schools, culture, shopping, theatre, arts, etc..... thus we have been looking at Houston for a change. We are concerned about all of the crime & influx of people in need from New Orleans. Is this something that we should really be concerned about? Is there enough positive things about Houston to outweigh the bad? If so, which areas should we consider relocating to? My husband works from home & I am a housewife, so traffic is not of major concern. I welcome ALL feed back & much thanks to all of you in advance!!!



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humble and kingwood are great choices !! look into it youre going to love HOUSTON !!



You live in one of the best places in America to live. I moved here from Raleigh, and it took years for me to be comfortable with this city. The crime is really bad here and the traffic incredible. When I first came here, I was struck by the barrage of billboards (not permitted where you live) and commercial ticky tacky that is the thread that ties this city together. I was fortunate enough to live north of the main city, in The Woodlands, which is much preferred over Houston proper. Even better, was a move to Conroe, a more rural town on the northern edge of The Woodlands. The people here are great and you are in driving distance of the big city attractions (35 miles straight down I-45) There is also a beautiful 29 mile lake in west Conroe, Lake Conroe, bordering Montgomery. Another wonderful spot to live with one of the highest rated golf courses in the Houston area (Walden). Good luck in your move.



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