Springfield is a wonderful place to live.

 Janet Shryer
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Star Rating 10/6/2008
I was born and raised here and have watched this "town" grow into a wonderful midsized city. There are several well know university's, technical schools, and the public school system is one of the best. Sports are big in Springfield. The St. Louis Cardinals along with the city built a beautiful double A stadium where their double a team plays. We've seen many of the regular cardinals going through rehab play here as well as our own players make it to the big leagues. There are ice skating, indoor and our door tennis, and many golf courses to use. I'm sure I'm fogetting something. Basketball is huge when the universities start their season. A new arena will open this fall for the Lady and Men Bears from Missouri State to use. Their kick-off concert is the Eagles playing Nov. 13,2008. Tickets sold out in a few hours. The Arts are growing also, There is the Springfield Symphony ,Ballet,paintings and sculpture at the Art Museum, the Art Walk downtown where restarants hang local artists paintings on the wall and you you may walk in and look.

Crime is low,but has risen as has the population, The health care facilities are wonderful, there is one Level One Trauma hospital and one level 2 hospitals on the South Side and several smaller hospials on the North Side. Both hospitals on the South side have helicopters for long distance trauma calls

The weather is great, all four seasons, although fall lasts a little longer than winter coming in, ie; I wore my heavy coat only twice last winter. Shopping is plentiful and if you like outlet shopping just drive on down to Branson which takes about 40 min. and you will find all kinds of thins to do.
Check Springfield out, the housing market is way below average in good and bad time, there are a lot of manufactures and industries that have been here along time and some that have lsft to go to Mexico and China. I'm sure I have left out several unflattering things as well as flattering. I like it and all but 2 of my brothers live here and they had to move for jobs.



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