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Springfield, Missouri Reviews

 based on 73 Reviews
Get to know Springfield with the latest comments and reviews from people who live in or have visited Springfield

Growing City With A Small Town Feel - 5/2/2022
We're somewhat new to this area... having recently moved from AZ. We find the residents are more polite and generally much nicer here. Residents actually have a reasonable work ethic. There are over eight hundred restaurants of every type within 15 minutes of our home. Our cost of living is about 15% lower: for instance gas is a buck less. The surrounding countryside is beautiful, with lush hardwood forests, and rolling hills easily accessible via well maintained country roads. Lots to see and do with dozens of mammoth lakes, rivers and streams. Many parks, and nearby Branson is an entertainment mecca. We like the four seasons here with mild winters. There are an abundance of small and mid-sized local businesses that are growing and in hiring mode. A half million souls live in this market area and yet it still maintains a safe, small-town feel. So, all-in-all, it's no wonder the Queen City is healthy and growing. We're very happy with our decision to make Springfield our Read More

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springin' and dingin' - 11/1/2021
So much wrong in this town I don't know where to start. Apparently, all the a$$ holes of the state circle over Springfield. The do-nothing cops are worthless, as is the local city council. Does anyone actually WORK in Springfield, because as you drive around the neighborhoods everyone appears to be on govt cradle to grave subsidies; while every business has a "help wanted" sign out, and it's been this way for Read More

Stay away!!! Beware - 10/31/2021
Stay away! Worst crime in Missouri, meth heads everywhere you look, went through several jobs that SUCKED!! in 10 months!! Me AND my boyfriend. Loud cars on every street, like nobody has mufflers?! And if you find nice people, thank them because there aren’t many in this hell Read More

City needs to be cleaned up... - 10/7/2021
I went to a well-known department store in the better part of town yesterday and it was absolutely filthy. I find this to be common here, with hiring signs and homeless wandering everywhere. What a Read More

City needs to be cleaned up... - 10/7/2021
I went to a well-known department store in the better part of town yesterday and it was absolutely filthy. I find this to be common here, with hiring signs and homeless wandering everywhere. What a Read More

Springfield is run down... - 10/7/2021
I moved to this beautiful area recently and I was very disappointed. There is trash on the streets and highway as you come in to The Northern part of Springfield and homeless wander all throughout the city. It isn't too bad in the rural areas, on the most part most places are neat and show pride of ownership. It seems a lack of pride has crept into most of the city in places, except in the more affluent areas. In many areas there is clutter in the yards, grass not mown and many houses deteriorating. Even in some of the 'nicer' areas I was surprised at very little show of pride... I don't understand it, you don't need extravagant landscaping; neatness and mowing your grass takes very little effort. I am just so disappointed... the crime statistics are a little frightening. For the first time in my life when I drive through a city, I feel more comfortable locking my Read More

Drug inforcement - 8/17/2021
I'm confused as to why the city officials. That have known about " Morgan's auto sales " or as the neighborhood calls it" Morons corner" for years now ! For its drug dealers and thiefs hookers and homeless people. In case you need directions its at the corner of E.kearney and Delaware..come by anytime they are open from 9.A.M.to Read More

Lovely scenery & good climate but poor politics - 5/22/2021
We moved to Springfield in mid 2018 for a job in a neighboring small town, which lasted until the pandemic hit. He was laid off in June 2020. Generally, Springfield is a nice small city with most of the amenities one likes. All the major fast food places, 2 Sam's Clubs, Costco coming in August, Missouri State University, Drury University, Branson is only 40 miles south, lovely scenery & trees. HQ of Bass Pro Shops. We have no school age children so we cannot opine on the school system. All 4 major TV networks have a station in Springfield, although the NBC & ABC affiliates are related. They share the same local news/weather/sports staff, which is rather weird. There is a AAA affiliate of the St .Louis Cardinals here but we have not attended a game. College sports is below average, especially football but MSU & Drury have average men's BB, pretty good women's BB & the other minor sports are average. The weather is generally nice. No triple digit summers like TX or OK & no terrible Read More

Needs to be cleaned up! - 5/2/2021
It’s a dump, downtown is absolutely invaded by homeless people. It’s not safe to go down there even during the day now. I wish the mayor would get off his lazy bum and do something about it. Downtown used to be lovely, a great environment. But now, you can’t even go down there and it smells horrible. The police need to do their job and the mayor needs to clean this place up! Read More

Slum town - 4/5/2021
Springfield is a slum town, especially downtown. I have never seen such a slummy dumpy town. At least half the commercial property sits empty; that tells you all you need to know,Does a downtown really need 3 bars on every city Read More

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