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 Clark McCartney
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Star Rating 7/20/2007
Slum town, old town, fog, wind and city click. I grew up here. Lady lives downtown, one of the slums in Eureka since they put in the mall. So many changes have happened. Why homes are so high priced is beyond me. Part time jobs are always available. Professional jobs are few and far apart and usually you have to know someone. For a small town there is a lot of gang activity, druggies all over the place with hippie attitudes taking over from Arcata. Want your children taught by hippies? Good place to move from. I was away for awhile but spent the last thirteen years there and then moved. Get involved? Unless you kiss some tail, you'll always be an outsider. Suppressed area in every way except the people with money run the place and they'll tell you so!



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Amanda B.

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My boyfriend, his 15 year old son, and myself were considering moving near Eureka, Kneeland or something. Currently we live in Lodi which is right next to Stockton. Is this a good move? My boyfriend works for DirecTV so he would transfer to the office in Eureka. He fishes, hunts, scuba dives, all of it and he's currently up there working for a couple of weeks and is in love with the scenery. I just want to get the opinion of some of the people that live there of what its like. We want to buy a house that is more than likely not directly in the town. What is the cost of an average home? How are the schools? Anything else that would be good information?



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