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Star Rating 4/30/2011
Denver's a nice place for some. I'd simply recommend reading many pages of these impressions, including both the obviously glowing chamber of commerce brochure sounding ones and the obviously rather negative ones; the overall sense you get from that is probably right about on the mark, and you can decide for yourself what type of person you are and whether you might lean towards one side or the other about a place described as it is by many pages of posts here. I find a little some I agree with in most of these.



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Reviews for Denver, Colorado

Terri Zimmerman
Wheat Ridge, CO
Sad to write this because I LOVED DENVER
Denver has had crazy growth and the city hasn't been ab...
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Diana Blake
Boulder, CO
Denver - I love you!
Denver is one of the best places to live in the US - th...
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firstname lastname
Longmont, CO
Denver metro used to be so great, what happened?
I lived in the denver metro area for 4 years total, fir...
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gigi stevens
Lakewood, CO
Disappointing Denver
Loved Denver up until the passing of the marijuana laws...
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N598 UA
Denver, CO
Update 6 Months Later - I'm Out
I left, but will always be back periodically to visit. ...
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zach alan
San Diego, CA
refer to Gigi's review
Gigi (below) really nailed it - I subletted there for e...
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