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Star Rating 4/26/2007
I grew up in Nebraska and thought that when I grew up I needed to hurry up and get anywhere but there. My travels have taken me to far away places such as Virginia, California, Puerto Rico, Canada, Asia and Australia. And now, six years after leaving, I'm ready to start my family. As nice a place as several of the other places I've been to are, they don't have the same family oriented values that Nebraska has. California may have warmer winters and less dramatic climate changes but costs of living are astronomical. Virginia is way too fast paced and over crowded. Puerto Rico is phenomenal place to visit but not to stay. Canada has beautiful scenery and way too many streetwalkers even in the nicest of neighborhoods. And Asia and Australia are both beautiful places but aside from being halfway across the world, they cost a lot and require massive adaptation. Most people underestimate Nebraska. Omaha and Lincoln provide "city" activities and attractions while being "safer" than most cities. Towns like Fremont and Norfolk provide a variety of "town" activities that are not practical in large cities. There are also "villages" all over that provide incredible customer services and good old fashioned manners. This isn't even mentioning the emphasis that Nebraskans place on taking time out to do things like go camping, hiking or exploring with your family. If you only stick to Omaha and Lincoln you will never see the natural beauty of Nebraska. Omaha and Lincoln have adapted to become more city-like while the proximity to other activities and locales allows is more convenient than most cities. As for the weather, anywhere you go you will have to deal with weather. Searing hot sun and earthquakes in California; torrential downpours followed by steamy roads because of the heat and humidity in Puerto Rico; 80% likelihood of rain in Asia; blistering cold, ice, and snow as well as hurricanes in Virginia; frigid winters and luke warm summers in Canada. Nebraska has four distinct seasons, it's true. We get to thoroughly enjoy sledding and snow play in the winter, partake in fresh, crisp rain cleansed spring mornings, celebrate summer with water sports and warm evenings spent capturing lightning bugs and enjoying sun tea while watching the sun set on golden fields of corn and frolick in the leaves dropped every fall by the old oak trees that can still be found all throughout Nebraska. That's not to say that we don't have to suffer through lightning storms, tornadoes, bliz



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