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 derek fleming
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Star Rating 2/19/2008
Grand Rapids.. The people are fairly friendly, but like many midwest cities
they do not on the whole like outsiders. The economy is awful. The city is
very unappealing looking. The city is very segregated. The winters are pretty



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I would definitely not consider MI a midwestern state. I believe the midwest begins with the Mississippi going west. I lived in MI for man years and I am not so sure I agree with your statement that it doesn't like outsiders. Many immigrants have moved there successfully and with much acceptance, me included. I think there is great diversity depending on where you live in GR. The downtown area may seem segregated, and the economy all over MI is fairly poor compared to other states except WY, but the winters compared to MN or IA, or even northern NM high deserts are pretty mild actually. The east end of GR can be quite elaborate, and the north end sort of homey - it all depends on where you live in GR. Did you go to school there? or live there at any time, if so for how long and what part?



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