Good place to live...if you can find a job

Star Rating 4/11/2007
This is a town with lots of potential that no one really knows how to unlock. Outsourcing and low paying jobs have put a big strain on the economy. There are some family friendly activities such as cowtown, bontanica...etc. but due to the financial strain on most families these activites become expensive and unnessesary. Even though the cost of living is relatively low, so are most incomes, and because of this spending is a lot more constricted. It's a good place to raise a family if you have a secure, well-paying job...otherwise, think twice before you move.



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Brenda Alice Turner
Wichita, KS
Wish I could say better but....
I really wish I could give Wichita a good review. Its ...
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Fred Kilred
Wichita, KS
Wichita is a real S-hole.
If you're Conservative and Christian, you're going to l...
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Susan Harthon
Wichita, KS
Great healthcare in Wichita
Excellent, affordable healthcare. Appointments with pr...
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Jim Smart
Wichita, KS
The weather
The sky is blue the majority of time. The wind blows co...
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Rosemarie Bass
Derby, KS
I do not recommend anyone ever move here
Terrible schools, they are behind schools in California...
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james fleming
Wichita, KS
American Dream Is Alive and Well In Oz
I've lived in Chicago, Philadelphia, Miami, (25 years),...
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