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 Shelley Tanner
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Star Rating 8/31/2011
I was born & raised in San Diego. Though most of my relatives still live there I moved in the '70s. I saw San Diego grow from the dairy farms in Mission Valley to having no freeway between there and L.A.
Some of the reasons that I never moved back was that it basically has 2 seasons - hot & not so much. In the fall the leaves just die and fall off. One of the main things that doesn't attract me anymore is that it is landlocked on 2 sides: the ocean and the border.
San Diego has a tremendous diversity of people and things to do. It is a wonderful place to live if your lifestyle is casual, active in sports and other interests. As for me, I want to live where there are 4 seasons and I don't have to shop for a Christmas tree in shorts and a tank top. More power to you, go for it!



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