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 Kristy Pinta
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Star Rating 1/30/2010
While one can't beat the climate of San Diego, and it definitely has much culture in the form of some great local and national theater and museums, my basic complaint is besides the obvious high cost of living in terms of high rent and housing costs, is the sense of isolation the area has. Coming from the Midwest I'm used to subdivisions, neighborhoods, friendly people in the post office and grocery stores, people waving cars in and smiling at each other. With a few isolated exceptions in certain suburb neighborhoods (again that are usually out-priced for young couples starting out), people tend to just get in their cars, roll up their windows and go about their own self-involved lives; or possibly go out to "be seen" and pay overpriced drinks down town or hang out in the beach towns with drunk college kids - it's hard to find and make friends in new areas in the condo/apartment mecca.



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