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 andi burnett
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Star Rating 7/9/2008
I was a military brat and have lived in different cities all over the nation. Denver can be a great city... if it's what you are looking for. The people are fit and active (that's why it's the thinnest city in the nation). The city is clean and generally safe. As a young woman, I could afford to live in a loft downtown by myself and not have to fear walking home alone at night. There is only one neighborhood that is really sketchy (Five Points). There is a dry climate, and the Bronco fans could literally drive you insane. You won't find the same atmosphere as larger cities like Chicago or New York, but you will find a cute downtown with a fun atmosphere. Overall, if you like the outdoors (we have the most parks of any city in the nation), you don't mind the sports mania, and you are looking for a cleaner, smaller city, then Denver is for you!



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