Conservative (or liberal) Denver?

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I don't think that anyone has ever said that the City and County of Denver is conservative. It's really not. It's not Boston or Chicago or anything like that. Relatively speaking, it's pretty middle-of-the-road. My comments are more broadly speaking of the metropolitan area as a whole. The suburbs are remarkably conservative and since the suburbs are so much larger than the city of Denver, I consider the metro area to be pretty conservative.

Cities like Chicago and Philadelphia generally have very liberal core city areas and moderate and barely conservative suburbs. Denver has a moderate/liberal city core and very conservative suburbs. All that means is that if you live where most metro area residents live--outside of Denver--you're going to be living in a conservative area where religion is a huge deal and homosexuality isn't very accepted.

Denver and Boulder are blue blips on a bright red radar screen. A lot like Austin and the rest of Texas...



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I completely agree with you Chris. Denver suburbs are very conservative whereas downtown Denver and the various immediate neighborhoods surrounding downtown are significantly different. In fact i followed some links from yahoo's login page to statistical information on various cities in the U.S. conducted by and having spent seven years in downtown Denver i was curious to learn how Denver compares to other cities i have lived in such as Chicago and Albuquerque. Refering to metro Denver the democrat/republican ratio is nearly equal to Chicago's. 69.5% of Denver's population is democratic and 29.2% are republicans and 70.2% of Chicago's population is democratic and 29.1% is republican. Certainly if one were to travel not too far outside the downtown area to Englewood for example (highly conservative) that ratio would change dramatically. Location is key for anyone who is seeking a laidback, liberal environment while considering moving to Denver. I highly recommend Uptown, The Highlands and Capitol Hill neighborhoods. I had a little studio apartment in Uptown for six years and i had a lot of fun.



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