Unaffordable for people who work.

 Howie Tilford
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Star Rating 8/20/2006
I work in utilites here in Naples, FL. I go from the very poor to the very rich. The comments from 90 percent of the people are that they are very scared because the 'service' people can't afford to live here and leave. That is the very truth. They have very little affordable housing here, and that is a waste because the only people living there are people who dont work. So normal people who work normal jobs such as teachers, policeman, telephone, and homebuilders have nowhere to live. Try finding an apartment complex here that rents, there are'nt any. They've all sold to condos.

I will give Naples a very peaceful place to live, low crime, and the weather is very nice. Summers are not even as hot as people complain, and the winters are seriously paradise. Coming from Indianapolis, where the summers have no relief from the heat and the same for the very cold winters I have found paradise when it comes to weather.

But then I have kids. Naples is by far the rudist city I have been when it comes to families. The average age here is 61 and very noticable. They seriously hate seeing kids here. The only place we can go is Target. And the very few people here with kids are in hiding and my kids have no one to play with. I make enough money where in Indianapolis I would be doing very well, here I feel like I'm in poverty. The people who make the real estate so high are old people coming down with there life savings, you can't compete. I love the weather, but have to leave this retirement village behind. Good luck with getting decent service, I'm moving to Ft Myers.



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Howie T.

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I'm still here. May of 08' and I absolutly hate it here. I'm so sick of Naples I can't stand it. Thank you god, I'm transfering at the end of this month to North Carolina. Sorry NC, I will do my best to bring the Hoosier in me and not the rudeness of Naples, FL.



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