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Abundantly wealthy with an abundant working poor h - 11/10/2019
I had high hopes of starting over in Naples. I had completed real estate classes and was on my way to getting my FL license. I arrived in early November 2019 and it was nothing like when i had visited previously October 25, 2014 and found tranquility. Now it was crazy busy. Major traffic. Couldn't see two feet in front of my face. What really turned me off was running into one person after another who told me they have a minimum of 3 to 4 roommates and multiple jobs servicing the ultra wealthy just to afford housing and get by. Many were working 60 hours a week...and still telling me it's a struggle to get by. No thank you. Naples may be abundant with wealth, but it's also abundant with the working poor...many who live in the homeless shelter for $300/month...something Naples would rather gloss over. Despite all that money in the local economy the working homeless still have to pay to be housed in a crowded shelter. I find that pathetic and unacceptable; with that much money there, Read More

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So BEAUTIFUL! - 11/14/2016
While the rest of the United States is experiencing cold temperatures, Naples, Florida is one of the very few cities with amazing temperatures and sunshine! No wonder weather is the topic of almost everybody's conversation and considered one of the happiest places to Read More

Overpriced culturally void wasteland - 10/24/2016
This place is infested with selfish baby boomers and their self entitled children and grandchildren. If you don't go to church or play sports it's a wash for your family socially. Never in my life have I have been in so many homes with so few books. I am hopeful we can find jobs back up north it's been a horrible experience for my children socially and Read More

Naples - 3/2/2016
best place to live in Read More

Naples more diverse than you think - 12/15/2015
I have lived in Naples FL for a long time and have seen our community grow from a fishing village to the wonderful city it now is. I have enjoyed the diversity that has become part of our every day life. As a teacher of religion I have come to respect the diversity of beliefs that have come to Naples. Most encouraging has been the acceptance non-Judeo-Christian belief systems.
With that being said, most would agree that the least understood religion in our culture is Islam, so I am happy to announce that I am teaching the class: "Misconceptions about Islam and other religions" starting Jan 12th at Adult Ed in Naples FL. You can sign up for the class by calling (239) 377-1234. It will be a great class and I would love to have you join me.  Read More

Bike Riding in Naples - 3/24/2015
I have lived in Naples for 10 years. It is currently "season." The snowbirds are here as well as the tourists for Spring break. March and April are the nicest months and when the most people are on the roads. The traffic is downright dangerous. Lots and lots of car accidents - these are probably cases of one vehicle rear ending another because the lanes are so conjested and there are many elderly who drive slower and also tend to drive larger cars.
There are some very hard won bike lanes but, you ride your bike at your own risk. It's dangerous. Cyclists have even been spit on, one was actually shot. I stopped riding completely.
If you are thinking of moving here, visit during the summer for a reality check and don't forget to factor in hurricane protection if you are considering purchasing a Read More

Naples / Marco Island the good bad and the ugly. - 10/21/2014
Like tons of others reading and leaving comments about Naples I came here from other areas of the country. I have actually lived in Naples twice for a total of about 10 years, I have lived in all four corners of the US and in other countries, big cities and small towns, so I like to think I have the ability to write an objective review about the area.

The first thing I think anyone should know about Naples is that it is a complex little town and the people who live here make it far more complex than it needs to be. Because the grater majority of the residence have come here after making their fortunes in other cities they all bring with them the "where I am from we do it this way" attitude, and because most of them have been successful at whatever they did they honestly feel that they are correct all of the time regardless of if a better, less complicated way exists and they will expect you to conform to them.

Second Naples is highly conservative, right Read More

Naples is Not Just for Old People!!! - 8/27/2014
I've lived in California, Hawaii and even Switzerland. Naples is by far my first choice to raise a family. If anything it's a bit too perfect.

I don't have to ever worry about my kid seeing a nude dancer on a billboard and asking me what that place is. No srip clubs in Naples. No trash on the streets and no panhandlers on the street corner. I understand that it is not the "real world" we live in but it is the reality in Naples.

I wouldn't recommend Naples for single people looking for night life but for families and everyone else, Naples is one of the best places to live in the U.S. and possibly the Read More

living in naples,fla - 7/3/2014
Naples florida, like many parts of florida is a nice, pleasant place to visit regarding beautiful beaches, restaurants etc. Understand this..IT IS MANILY A RETIREMENT CITY. The state itself is known for people to retire to who can handle the heat and humidity and the expense of living. Especially, in a place like Naples where if you don't have any money you will not be living in one of the nice homes. So, if you are looking to scrape by as a young person and spend days on the beach it will be a paradise for you! If your looking to make lots of money or some you will need to be a professional and find a location where your services have little/no competition and needed. You will probably do well. There is little to do there tho and unless you want to do nothing but eat out, drink, go shopping, golf or sit/walk on the beach there "ain't much to do there".
Every state has its cities where it is less than pleasant for sure. Orlando isn't the best example of florida. It has no Read More

Naples & Environs - 4/2/2014
Naples is a wonderful place. BUT when reading these reviews, comments and comparisons you must realize that Naples proper is a small city with a population of about 20,000 and then there is everywhere that the Post Office calls Naples and that includes most of the rest of the unincorporated area of Collier County (population about 300,000). We live in ZIP 34120 which the PO calls Naples but we are about 20 miles from Naples proper. It's all wonderful but is ain't all Read More

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536 Cypress Way E
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307 E Parrot Tree Roatan Is
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3578 Cedar Hammock Ct
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14698 Sonoma Blvd
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