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Mills Middle School - Rancho_Cordova, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Mills Middle School10439 Coloma Road
Rancho Cordova, CA 95670
(916) 363-65446-8SacramentopublicFolsom-Cordova Unified School District

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic45.342009
Black, non-Hispanic16.32009
Pacific Islander1.332009
Native American or Native Alaskan1.02009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Peter Maroon2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

9/8/2012parentHorrible environment to send your child to... and very poor education. My child pretty much repeated what she had already learned the previous year in the Elk Grove district, and twiddled her thumbs throughout the year at Mills. We had to pull her out of this school and into an entire new district to get her the education she deserves. So glad we did !
8/4/2011parentWhat a school, my son played three sports, was in band, participated in clubs, did service learning to improve the community and maintained a 4.0 GPA. Mrs. Andrus, Mrs. Holton, Mr. Meyer, Terry, Mr. Hatcher, Mrs. Bird, Mrs. Martin, all the teacher my son had were wonderful. My son wants to go to college now, he visited Sac State and Chico while at Mills. Mr. Mejia aka Big Daddy, is a great counselor. The school is clean, safe and looks brand new. I love the uniform, I don't have to worry about what he was wearing and it was easy for me to keep his close clean. He went on so many field trips my still hurt from signing forms. Mr. Arnez is a crazy math guy that sings in class, hey whatever it takes. My son is better person for attending Mills I just hope high school is as good as Mills.
5/23/2011parentThis is a horrible school.. the staff does nothing about bullying, my son has been a constant target for being bullied and when I tried contacting the school I would be transferred to a answering machine to only never get a return call.. I went down there physically to only be told the person I was to speak to was out at the moment.. after waiting for 3 hours I was able to talk to someone and was told that my son was the target of bullying because he does not choose to surround himself with a large number of kids and if he truly wanted it to stop he should make friends.. This school has lousy staff, lousy teachers.. the worst teacher in the school is Mrs Barsmith, if your kid comes home and says she is harassing him/her, your child is telling the truth.. I seen it with my own eyes while watching an interaction between my son and her one day, both did not know I seen it until I walked up.. She then stormed away and refused to talk about it.. again the school did nothing..
7/6/2010parentmy son went to mills middle school and when I needed to communicate with his teachers on edline only his language art teacher got back to me. Also when he was bullied in the sixth grade I was told by the school concelor the have a zero tolerance policy but yet nothing was done.
4/27/2010studentI go to Mills Middle School right now and I love most of the teachers. Everything about this school is great, including the test scores, but uniforms have been making the students unhappy. I think the principle should consider eliminating uniforms for next year and have more students come to this school.
9/22/2009parentMills is a great place filled with bright children and smart teachers. The school teaaches kids how to live in a great world.
8/6/2009studentI went to this school from 6 to 8 grade and it was awesome!!!! this school has great teachers like Mrs. Andrus, Mr. Meyer, Mr. Shields and others they acctually care about their students
5/30/2009studenti love this school its very awesome
5/28/2009studentI just finished this school and was overall a very good school! the teachers are great! I recommend parents to send their children to this school.
12/12/2008parentHorrible School!!! Some teachers seem to care but the vice principal is horrible! Dosent return calls and doesent look after the safety of the kids. Moving out of Rancho just to get away from this school district.
11/22/2008parentgreat school great clubs and lots of education
11/5/2008parentschool ciriculum is very great. work expressed through fun activities.
10/14/2008studentThis is a great school with its ups and downs like every school. The staff there really tries hard to help the students and makes learning fun and effective!
5/7/2008studentMills Middle School AAA Academy was awesome, the best teachers were, Mrs. Durose, McNair, Rushford, Night, Socal and Gee. They taught me the most from all the teachers i have had through elementry to high school.
4/22/2008studentI used to go to Mills. I moved though in the middle of the school year. Mills school is awesome! All of my teachers were awesome! Especially Mr.Meyer and Ms.Andrus (Ms.A) They were awesome....but there are more awesome teachers there........Alot more! This school is way awesome.....I hope you guys think so tooo. :)
11/15/2007parentThe staff and teachers should listen more to the students, especially the councilors, but they do not.
8/19/2007parentI beleive Mills Middle School is an above average school. The teachers work extremely hard to meet the needs of all types of student learners. Our chldren are safe and well looked after. The clubs on campus are as diverse as the student population. I am anxious to see what the new principal is capable of implementing.
3/15/2007studentReally great school. Has great teachers and staff!
5/10/2006parentI like the English Teacher Ms. Backes, she is thoughtful and attentive to the students and does a good job teaching. My child has become a much better student thanks to her instruction
5/8/2006parentI have had 2 kids go through this school. Most of the teachers should not be teaching! They dont seem to want to help them and dont seem to even like kids. The principal is great, but I glad my kids are out of that school.
1/11/2006parentI am very pleased with Mills Middle School. The teachers are generally very good and my daughter has enjoyed all of her classes. The proximity of Mills to the high school is an asset in that if your child is advanced there is the possibility of taking a class or two at the high school while still in middle school. Teachers are in general enthusiastic and have a good rapport with the students. The principal is a huge asset to the school. The students are definitely top priority for him. Extracurricular activities don't include many academic type clubs but there are soem activities for the students. The Club Live is very active and providing the opportunity for a trip to Europe for studens this year.
6/8/2005former studentFrom my experience Mills is a great school. Parent involvement is a little low but not horrible compared to other schools I have attended. Most if not all of the teachers are compitent and capable of giving the education expected. The music electives are spectacular and I believe that it is the best part of the entire school. Mr. Martini is an awesome conductor, teacher, and even friend. The English department is quite good, Mrs. Kelly McNair is an awesome teacher, she is caring but strict, blunt without being hurtful. In the math department Ms. Kerri DuRose is an awesome teacher. I can only speak for certain teachers because I have not had the pleasure of being taught by all of them though, but I am sure that all of the teachers have their good qualities that make the subject they teach enjoyable and fun to learn.
5/3/2004studentI go to Mills and I am involved in many programs there. Mills has great sports programs and a great music program. I am activly involved in both and I think it helps keep us students out of trouble and keep our grades up. The counclers are also great, they also have programs, conflict managers (mini counclers) and natural helpers. Mills has a good staff of teachers, with 3 principles and many good experienced teachers. The trips taken by various clubs and programs are great motives for students to keep up the good work!
3/9/2004studentI'm in 8th grade. I think the elective program here is very good. I love all of my teachers and loved most of my past ones. There are lots advanced classes like Honors English for all grades 6-8. Other students that excel in Math can go to the high school right next door for first period. The councelors care if you're failing any classes and try to help you fix the problem. The principal is really nice. He knows and talks to everyone at lunch. The vice principals I think are a little too strict though. The overall area of the school is kept pretty neat. Although they could fix some things,like drinking foutains, its a pretty good school with great teachers.
1/24/2004parentThe teachers do seem to give some care about there students.The principal and staff are always in charge and solve all the problems as soon as they rise. They give the students self esteem. The principal seems to be a student friend.

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