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Antelope Crossing Middle School - Sacramento, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Antelope Crossing Middle School9200 Palmerson Drive
Sacramento, CA 95843
(916) 745-21006-8SacramentopublicDry Creek Joint Elementary

Class SizeGradeYear
28 2008

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic61.052009
Black, non-Hispanic7.512009
Pacific Islander0.712009
Native American or Native Alaskan0.712009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Greg O'Meara2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

9/9/2011otherI'm and 8th Grader and I've enjoyed all 3 years at ACMS and I just wish it could of been longer!!!!! :)
5/5/2010studentAntelope Crossing is the best middle school ever!!!! all the teachers and students are sooo nice :]
4/27/2010parentThis school is amazing! My daughter has taken interest in her school work and the teachers are respectful and make the subjects worth learning. The school has amazing sports to be played at any level, and the student body is just a great group of children. My nephew has had trouble getting help in the past from other schools regarding his learning abilities, and this school has really jumped in and assisted my sister in getting him the help he really needs to excel at his level so that he is not always left behind.
4/19/2010parentThis school is fantastic. The kids, teachers, the whole staff work their absolutel hardest at keepingit that way. Glad my student goes there.
12/18/2009parentMy daughter goes to ACMS and loves it. I love it.. it's a great school. the teachers have helped her excel greatly! She is doing better than ever before. They've helped her in the areas she really needs it. They were able to recognize her weak areas and get her the help she needed, as well as promote her in the areas of strength. I recommend this school to any parent looking to send their child to a school in Antelope, send them here!
9/16/2009parentI have two daughters going to they 'A' students it means teachers and principal are doing something right and they communicate very well with parents.
9/16/2009parentThis is a distinished school where everyone works extremely hard from the students to the teachers to the custodian staff.
3/25/2009studentI love this school! the teachers are great,the food is amazing,and the activities are fun!!!
1/31/2009parentThis is the worst school my kids have ever attended. My son went here for 6th-8th grades and we had so many problems, mainly with a certain assistant principal. My daughter went here for 6th, 7th and the beginning of 8th grade. We pulled her out after 8th grade started because certain teachers were violating student confidentiality and discussing my daughter with other parents. I talked to the principal several times and did not feel the issue was resolved.
1/13/2009studentWhoever is planning to have their child here in Antelope then send your kiddos here! The atmosphere is wonderful, the staff members are kind too. The teachers help you immediately if you need help and they also have a class called a exploratory class for fun as in life skills (cooking), tech, band, support reading classes or extra help on math. Even though middle school may be challenging but heck the staff help you!(: I'm not afraid to say my name, I'm a 7th grader.
7/21/2008studentits ok. im a student there..the food is good.teachers are cool..princial is cool. miss swails and mrs neep are the best
3/24/2008parentI absolutely love this school. It is a California Distinguished school after all! ONe day I'm hoping to send my own kids off to ACMS!
9/28/2007teacherI've worked in three different elementary schools, two different middle schools, and a community college, and Antelope Crossing is my all-time favorite place to work. The atmosphere is warm, safe, friendly, professional, and yet fun. The kids are an amazing mix of all ethnic and socioeconomic groups and prove that such a mix can work to add to a learning environment. It is truly a place that promotes tolerance, cooperation and achievement in academics, sports, and more. All of the people that I work with enjoy working with one another, set the highest standards for themselves and eachother, and enjoy our jobs. It is no wonder that this school has won the Distinguished School Award, an award for excellence in counseling (statewide), and award for having the best P.E programs in Northern California, and too many more to mention. I feel lucky and proud.
9/27/2007parentthe teachers are mean and they give way to much homework
5/14/2007parentWe have not had a very positive experience at Antelope Crossing. We bought our home in this school district just so our children could attend this school. Other than Band .. it has been a huge disappointment. Our child has been harassed & hit during one of his classes. We've gone to the Principal, Counselor, and his Teachers. What We've been told ... kids can be really mean at his age, they will grow out of it. All children should be taught to be respectful of their teachers and their fellow classmates, and if they are not .. there should be consequences. And trust me, unless you have proof and witnesses of the actual moment that it happens nothing will be done. It is sad.
1/3/2007studentMy Name is Ray I am in the 8th grade now at antelope crossing after the old princpal left and we got our new princpal stuff has gone better most of my teachers are cool and funny I feel better at school and changes have been made. The pirncpal is a really funny cool guy and he smiles like jim carey so he's funny. I'm in Yearbook for my last year here I decied to take part in a club because The school felt alot nicer.
11/15/2006parentThis school is great! Who couldn't love it? I get newsletters every week, My daughter is in a wonderful program called AVID I believe, And the clubs are excellent. Shes been pretty involved for all three years. I love the way the teachers call you just to tell you how great your child's doing in class. This school is great I would never send my daughter anywhere else!
4/15/2006parentSince the new principle has started, I have done a complete turn around on my opinion of this school. My first child had a terrible experience, however, after the new principle came on board, so many changes were made and he is so involved in what is going on. My second child has had a wonderful experiance at this school. The teachers, with the exception of one or two, are wonderfull...always have been. Very involved, very in tune with the kids, very eager to go the extra mile to benefit the kids. Parent involvement is high, although, it is the same parents over and over. The band program is huge part to Mrs. Slabaugh. There are many extra curricular activites available. This school went from a zero to a nine.
12/1/2005parentWe moved from another nearby district last year and my child has improved so much since he has been at this school. His grades are up he has a great attitude and actually talks about what he has learned during the day. I would like to give this school a great big thank you for doing such a great job!
10/6/2005parentThe perfect school for your children! my child tells me about her wonderful day at acms everday.From the respectful staff and students,her electives,and her academic classes.I am extremely impressed.
8/23/2005parentI believe that the quality of academic programs is adequate, although there are no foreign language classes. I have not been happy with the administrative staff, however. I feel as if I have been brushed off. Also, my child feels that the staff is somewhat unapproachable.
5/25/2005studentMy name is katlin and I am a 6th grade student at this school.I love this school and the teachers are absoultly wonderful!Teachers like Mr.Dupree,Mrs.Wall,Mrs.Zanni,and many,many,more!This year has been the best yet!
5/25/2005studentI am Clarissa and in 8th grade and this is by far the bast school i have ever been to.
3/17/2004studentHi, my name is Sabrina, I'm a student at Antelope Crossing Middle school now, in the 6 th grade. From being in the action of the school, I can tell you this is an awesome school! There are wonderful teachers, that teach wonderfully! All of the teachers I have are wonderful! I am looking forward to the next 2 years in this school. I also like the clubs, activities, and sports our school has, it keeps the students' minds on other things than being non-active or getting into something bad. The teachers I have experienced from first hand is, Mr. Dupree, Mrs. Zanni, Ms. Wall, Mrs. Parker, Ms. Harrington, and Ms. White (These last 3 names were/are my 1st period teachers for the different trimesters). Those are only some of the awesome teachers! This school should be awarded the best middle school ever!

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