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is this the symbol of our state?
Star Rating - 1/30/2020
The city is very mixed. I will start off by saying it has some excellent historical and educational sites to look at. It is a contractual obligation that you look at the state capitol and at least one of the many museums while you're here. I love looking at the grey squirrels outside the state capitol. That's probably the nicest part of the main city along with the northern and furthest south suburban neighbourhoods. Go to the city centre more than 5km away from the state capitol and it's just full of homeless drug addicts, shantytowns, trash littered everywhere, and pollution. Even the rivers are used as bath water by the homeless. This place is really mixed. Some areas are decent while others are absolute dog poop by comparison.
Matt | Redwood City, CA
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- 10/3/2021
Sacramento Is Flawed But Still Wonderful
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- 5/15/2021
You don't want to live here
High, high crime rate and car theft capitol of the country. Everyone knows someone who’s ...
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Bit of a downer...
I'm 21 years old and I've lived in Sac my whole life. I have always enjoyed the K-12 schoo...
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Sacramento, best place to live in California.
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The Real Scoop
I am a native-born who lived in Sacramento from the mid-1960’ s to 2005, left for 10 years...
C | Sacramento, CA | 2 Replies

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