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Golden Empire Elementary School - Sacramento, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Golden Empire Elementary School9045 Canberra Drive
Sacramento, CA 95826
(916) 228-5890K-6SacramentopublicSacramento City Unified

Class SizeGradeYear
21 2008

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic36.612009
Black, non-Hispanic16.212009
Pacific Islander0.912009
Native American or Native Alaskan3.282009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Irene Eister2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

5/14/2012parentThis was our first year here, and within the first quarter both my kids teachers had noticed that they were struggling and started doing after school tutoring with them (and a few other kids), which lasted most of the year. Both of them love their teachers (K and 3rd) and have made friends, however my 3rd grader has also been picked on/bullied by other kids and retaliated. When that has happened, the principal dealt with all children involved within that day. My 3rd grader has an IEP because of her reading disability, and was 2 years behind when she started. She is now about one year behind, so she made 2 years progress in 1 year. The RSP teacher seems to know how to get around my daughter's bad attitude and get her to comply (and even enjoy) reading. There are quite a few field trips, a carnival, family reading night, math night, a talent show, and many more events. The 3rd grade teacher puts on plays throughout the year, performing for family and younger classes. So cute! Both kids have "buddies" in other grades that they mentor or are mentored by. Of course there have been things I didn't like this year, but overall I like this school better than others we've attended.
5/6/2012parentI believe this is a good school, it has so many programs that have been cut from other schools due to the hard work of the teachers, principal, staff, parents and kids!! The emails I get about my grandsons weekly progress is GREAT and very helpful to aide him in his education!! It's nice to see the principal before and after school surrounded by the students waiting to give her hugs. She knows each child and has a real hands on with what the kids need. I love spending time in the classroom with the kids and seeing how well the teachers teach these children. I'm proud my son goes to this school and recommend it to any parent who cares about their child's education!!!!!
1/29/2012parentThe teachers here are hardworking and communicate well with parents. I am comfortable on campus and feel it ais a friendly and effective environment.
5/4/2010parentI agree, attendance is the only concern for this school. I guess because there are funds to earn behind it. On other things I have no idea when my grandson acts on a certain day. If he is made to stay in a classroom for two weeks because he threw food in the lunch room, shouldn't I know about it?
3/17/2010parentGolden Empire's teachers (I can only rate the 5th and 6th grade, since this is when my granddaughter began attending GE) are AWESOME! They really want the children to succeed and volunteer personal time to the students who are falling behind. When I attended elementary school in the 70's, teachers Never stayed after school to provide additional lessons for students. I do however believe children these days are given waaay too much homework... but that's another issue. If you are looking for a great school... Golden Empire should be your choice!
9/17/2009parentI am very disappointed in this school. I strongly agree that the principal only cares about attendance, and crosses her professional line quite often. I feel that the teachers should communicate through email more with parents. I have never felt that any of my child's teachers have had a true open door policy at this school. I strongly feel that Golden Empire can benefit by obtaining a new Principal, someone needs to make some obvious logical changes.
12/4/2008teacherThis is my 8th year teaching at Golden Empire. The hard work of my talented and dedicated co-teachers (and their great students) was realized this year when we received The Blue Ribbon Award. This award was given to only 320 schools in the United States. Golden Empire is a neighborhood school with a great environment for learning. I would recommend this school to any parents looking for a school for their children.
9/9/2008parentWith all the schools are required to do and all the pressure to prove their worth by test scores, I feel that this school really trues to maintain a balance while meeting all the needs put upon them. It is an excellent school with a dedicates staff. I recommend it to anyone.
6/12/2008parentGreat teachers ... what more can i say!!!
7/26/2007parentThis school used 'open Court' reading program which is good if they actually spend some real time using it. But thier focus is primarily on math. The extra currricular activities are pretty limited and not enough to really show any kind of impact. My son gets more exercise then at school. Parent involvement is fine providing you agree with everything they throw at you. However, if you disagree you can be making your childs academic career at that school difficult.
7/19/2007parentI have had my child in Golden Empire for a little over 2 years now. In the beginning, it was a tremendous improvement compared to the school that we had just come from. However, if you are a parent like us who is very involved with your childs education, whatever you do, do not challenge the Principal of the school. Discipline is based on a child by child basis, not governed by what the District dictates. The main emphisis of the Principal of this school are the scores, and the revenue that is brought in by the attendance. Your child's welfare and academic achievements are secondary. You may as well teach your child to read yourself as math is priority!
5/20/2007parentWe have been involved in this school for 7 years with our kids. We will move this year and will miss it.It is a great little school. They have always met the needs of our kids. The principal I feel goes out of her way to make things fair. The office staff is on the ball and it is only run by 3 people who do there jobs well. The teachers and all the staff, go out of there way to go that extra mile many getting involved personally of the well being of a child. They sent homecooked meals to our home when I was in the hospital and we have 15 kids. Thats alot of food. This is a family as well as a school. And they will be missed. It is a school that works. And I feel it is a good example of what to strive for.
9/16/2006parentGreat school, great staff, great community! This school has high test scores, also.
1/11/2006parentI been involved with the school almost 6 years. When I first got involved it was a great school. But in the the last couple years I feel it isnt up to par. The rules dont have to be followed (including handbook). Punishment is according to the child not the offense. I feel the school is falling apart. I love Golden Empire but its going to the dogs.
9/30/2005staffI have worked at this school in maintenance at this school for 10+ years. This is an excellant school for you learning children....
11/12/2003parentAs President of the PTO for the 2003-2005 school years, we are off to a GREAT Start with parent involvement, activities for families and students. We are in the process of building a committee for Traffic Safety at our school. I highly recommend this school for any child.

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