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H. Allen Hight Elementary School - Sacramento, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
H. Allen Hight Elementary School3200 North Park Drive
Sacramento, CA 95835
(916) 567-5700K-5SacramentopublicNatomas Unified

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic18.812009
Black, non-Hispanic32.672009
Pacific Islander2.312009
Native American or Native Alaskan0.662009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Hervey Taylor2011


Students Getting Free LunchYear

1/26/2011parent I made a mistake of enrolling my son in this school. The principal called my son " spoiled" because he was crying within the couple of weeks being in this school. The principal also said that since my son is not doing well ( because he was crying) he wont be able to cope up and compete with other kids. When I told the principal that my son never had a problem when he was in pre-school, he asked me what pre-school I enrolled my son, and when I told him the name of the school, he said, "Oh, I know that school, they are not a good pre-school, they dont do anything, you should have enrolled your son at Montessori, that way he would be prepared going to kindergarten". Wow, how unprofessional!!! I'm glad i transferred my son to another school right away. Within a couple of weeks my son was reading on his own, doing good in his spelling and math subjects and has been receiving awards in his new school.
5/10/2010parentH. Allen Hight is a new school, and like most new schools it has a few issues to work out. The staff here are wonderful, they are knowledgable and friendly. The principal is very involved especially for overseeing so many kids. He is very commited to making H. Allen Hight the best it can be. The teachers are wonderful, they are also dedicated to making this the best learning enviorment possible. What I also enjoy about this school is that it is very clean. I think every child should have the chance to go to a school like H. Allen Hight. A wonderful school just like Mr.Hight would have wanted!
4/27/2010parentVery dedicated Principal and teachers. Principal remembers most of the kids by NAME! Our child is a kindergartner. We were considering a private school or a charter school. We could not be happier. We found an incredibly committed tecaher in Mrs. Heu. When our son started in her class, he knew the alphabet and now he reads all fourth grade sight words.
3/28/2010parentVery hard working teachers, Principal and involved parents. Very good school!
3/23/2010parentThis is our second year and we have improve so much! We have a great Principal and the teachers are outstanding, our PTA is very active and have put many great events for our students and families. And we are only getting better
3/1/2010parentWe are struggling with so many budget cuts and losing so many activities. The staff and activities that have remained are overworked but most seem to manage well, happy to have a job. The PTA is small and but do a great job with the amount of participation they have. The Principal is fabulous, makes daily stops in each classroom and somehow knows just about every childs name(over 700 students!) He cares about the kids and the staff. He urges parent participation, although it is not mandatory. I worried about my child being so close to the middle school students, but they have no direct communication and are very safe. The extra curricular activities are only lacking do to the budget cuts. THe only problems I have are due to the budget cuts (increased class size, lack of extra curricular activities, etc). And those problems are in just about every schoolnow.
2/28/2010parentThe school is making tremendous progress and the teachers are great. The teachers are tutoring after school and there is great collaboration by each grade level. My student has increased academic achievement at this school.
12/3/2009parentOffice staff very very rude and inconsiderate for parents that have to go to work. Good teachers however and a good prinsipal. This school could make 4/5 stars if the office staff weren't so snobby.
8/5/2009parentHad lots of first year common problems but thought the PTA did an awesome job adding events and building a sense of community for a new school. Hope this year will be better.
7/28/2009parentThe teachers are great but the principal is nothing to be desired. Very controlling and demanding. PTA is very weak. I was not impressed for a new school, but live nearby and my son's teacher was great. I hope to get another great teacher this year.

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