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West Campus School - Sacramento, CA

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
West Campus School5022 58th St.
Sacramento, CA 95820
(916) 277-64009-12SacramentopublicSacramento City Unified

Class SizeGradeYear
29 2008

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic32.222009
Black, non-Hispanic9.72009
Pacific Islander0.922009
Native American or Native Alaskan0.812009

Students per TeacherYear

School Head OfficialYear
Greg Thomas2013


Students Getting Free LunchYear

12/13/2011parentWhat impresses me is the students want to learn and this school's "culture", despite the old facilities, promotes that. The students care. In my daughter's group project groups everyone is involved. Her older siblings were at a couple different local high schools and over the years there always were students who didn't care and hampered the groups.
7/10/2011studenti have been attending West for over a year now and I must say if you want something better for yourself, this school will help acheive your dreams. At frist it was very overwhelming but during the second semester it became at ease. It might feel like this school pushes you off the edge, but in reality it is actually shaping your life...even if you oblivious from the effect. I hope this school is right for, if you want to succeed in life. :D
7/2/2011studentIts an excellent school with awesome teachers. Teachers willing to put efforts and spend extra time into helping the students. You might have an A or B in other school and turn out you have a B or C in this school. But for future, grades are not really the thing that should be worry if you work hard. Working hard always helps to lock great longlasting knowledge: ) And Knowledge will always go along with you.
6/9/2011studentI hated this school it was one of the worst schools in Sacramento. The people at this school are mean and rude.The years that I spent at this school were horrible. The school is outdated and old. Overall I hated this school coming from Caleb Greenwood. They needed to be more welcome and forgiving and have a better introduction to people who came to smaller schools. I HATED MY EXPERIENCE AT WEST CAMPUS !! :(
3/8/2011parentWe will be moving to Sacramento this summer and I am trying to determine which high school we would like our daughter to go to. We also will decide what part of the city to live in based on this decision. Thank you for all your help.
2/10/2011otherwest campus is sadly all about scores and results. they dont care about the students they just care about keeping their reputation
11/15/2010parentALL ABOUT SCORES AND TESTS. The administration lacks the ability to know each "high achieving" student on any kind of personal level. They a public school snobs. Education is a collaboration between students parents, and schools. At West Campus Parents and students have very little say.
4/29/2010studentWest Campus is the best of the best! If you come here, you can tell for yourself.This is a school that's everything but your average!We got the highest API of all the other highs schools and honestly I can say we don't even consider ourselves decent.We still strive for excellence every day.There's just so much school spirit here you simply can't ignore it.I had the chance to go to Hiram Johnson, McKlatchy,Health Proffesions,Sac high,and a arts & science school which I forgot the name of.My Cst scores are advanced and even though I moved to Elk Grove I had the option & choice to transfer.I know girls that go there which are now in prohibation.Events,Rallies,and everything you can think of is magnificent! Even though we don't have the amount of school funding and money we want we still make the best of it.
3/4/2010studentI was a student at West Campus coming from Sutter Middle School. I believe that WC's reputation is greatly exaggerated. At one time it might have been accurate but when I attended it seemed as though they attracted high achieving and motivated students and put them in classes with below average teachers and counted on their already high test scores. In fact the school seems obsessed with preparation for standardized tests. Most of the ever changing administration and staff seems uncaring for thier students. And because it is a small school there is very little choice in classes. If you are looking for a small, safe, average, meat and potatoes school then go for it! But dont have higher expectations. If it has gotten better in the last two years it will be a pleasant surprise.
10/21/2009parentI love West Campus because it is a small campus and the teachers work very hard to teach their students what they need to get into college.
9/27/2009parentSchool has been in only three weeks now and I have experienced nothing but a great deal of difficulties with the new Principal over the simplest of issues. Unfortunately, we chose to decline our child's acceptance at both a highly reputable private school and another highly prestigious and sought after program at another public highschool in another district in favor of attending West Campus. Thus far, just three weeks into the year, that decision seems entirely wrong. West Campus needs an experienced leader. It is no secret that, within the district, employees try to gain employment at West Campus because of its outstanding quality of students. Why such a coveted position at this school was given to someone with such little experience is just one more reason the Sacramento City Unified School District seems to constantly be the target of bad press.
8/28/2009parentMy child attended this high school for 4 yrs. The administration changed 3 times. The teachers except for a few, like Mr. Ousley and Ms. Dennison and Mr. Pantages, were unwilling to go above and actually assist students who need help. Tutoring, forget it! If your student can teach themselves, this is the school for you. P.S. Don't go to the office, even to help out, unless you want to be treated without respect.
5/24/2009studentI love my school. The only downside is if the hall monitors think you're going a bit overboard (we often have birthday parties outdoors), and if your teacher is mean to you. I only have two teachers which I dislike; the rest are amazing. Kudos to Vidovich, McCord, Pantages, and Daigle. I have them this year and they're just plain great people who care about their students and aren't afraid to joke around. My grades do suffer, but it's because of my own actions. If you choose not to turn in assignments or study ahead for tests, of course you're not going to manage as well. But this school isn't just about our scores -- you will find a very warm attitude with the student body and most staff when you're on campus. (c/o 2011) KH
5/22/2009parentMost of the teachers aren't willing to do extra for students
1/15/2009parentMy daughter is attending WC as a freshman. The extraculicular music program is wonderful. She loved Marching Band and is also enjoying Drumline. Coming from a private school, we were concerned about her safety but at WC we never worry. I like that she is surrounded by other students who want to succeed and be involved in outside activities.
8/12/2008studentHonestly, I am attended this school, and it isn't all that people make it out to be. Some teachers miss so many days that students become behind in school. Some teachers do not know how to teacher and can hardly speak english. But other teachers are very good. Also, the school is very spirited which is good, but they do not care for girl sports that much. It is not all that great, it is okay.
8/4/2008studenti love this school... the academics and school background is facinating... its so funn...
7/11/2008studentWest campus is the best school in sacramento, ca period. The experience was indescribably and unforgettable! First, the VP is not mean. I find him very caring and considerate. The teacher-student relationships are amazing. If you have the best teachers, you learn every second of every class, everyday. But, at the same time, you get to have tons of fun. Class rally, dances, student body activies like multi-cultural fair, talent shows, pancake breakfast, halloween carnival are just high school experiences every west kid will always remember later on in life. The students have so much spirit, even if some claim west is not spirited. then why do the gym seem to explode with screams during rally class competitions? All in all, this save and loving high school is worth the ride.
12/17/2007studentI am a recent graduate from the school and I feel like West Campus did provide me with opportunities to further my academic career. The staff is very friendly and helpful. I adored my teachers! The vice principal may seem like he is a mean person, but he is actually really nice. He is only doing his job by being strict. Honestly, the people at the school are great and it is really what you make of it. There may not be a lot of Advanced Placement courses offered, but that is changing within the school. The music program is excellent and I am really proud of what John Ousley has done to improve it. Most ofthe teachers dedicate their time and effort to help the students, and it really shows in the end.
10/17/2007studentWest Campus is a great school. It academics are great. The teachers and staff do care. The only thing that's a bit off is the Vice Principal. He kind of ignore the student's feelings. But overall, this school's academic is great. The safety is great too. There hasn't been a fight in over ten or more years. The school is small, so you will probably get to know everyone there.
10/16/2007former student Staff at West Campus is disappointing unless you get the right teachers. West Campus is one, if not the safest school around. All four years, have I yet seen a fight. On the last note, West Campus was recognized as Distinguish School and has the API score since it's separation from Main Campus.
9/3/2007parentMy daughter (who was also recognized as a GATE student) is an extremely academically motivated student. She aspires to go to the top UCs, and believes that West Campus would provide her with the tools to do so-and it did. West staff members (especially Anne Bestgen) generally do a good job of educating their students. However, this is a school that expects the students to be (or at least strive to be) self-sufficient. The West Campus adminstration does its best to accomodate each student. Although the tools that my daughter received were not particularly shiny or grand, they were sufficient. West has taught her to become more independent.
9/3/2007studentHonestly, I attended West Campus last year and I heard it was suppose to be a great school with great teachers. I was disappointed in half of my classes, I didn't learn that much. The Vice Principal is rude and not understanding to the kids that go to West Campus, and there isn't a bond or anything between the staff. Coming from Sutter Middle School, I expected a lot from West Campus and I thought I would learn so much from it , but I think that some teachers are there to just get money. I'm not saying all teachers because Mrs.Jung or Ms.Bestgen actually taught instead of other teachers. I wouldn't recommend this school, only thing that keeps me going is the enviroment its safe and calm.
8/27/2007parentWe had hoped for a good public high school for our child. We did not find that here at West Campus. A great school requires parent/family involvement (and teachers that welcome involvement from the family instead of taking it as a threat), a good working relationship between administration and faculty, and a strong group of teachers who are enthusiastic about the subject(s) they teach instead of those who are just waiting to retire. Our child will no longer be attending West Campus. We wish the new principal the best of luck at West Campus and hope that it can be transformed into the school that many of us (still) hoped for.
8/23/2007parentI am a parent of a GATE student who went to Phoebe Hearst Elementary and Sutter Middle Schools. My child had superb earlier public education experiences and I was hoping for the same at West Campus (WC). After attending WC as a freshman we unfortunately decided - at least at this point - that it is below the earlier quality we relished and sent him/her elsewhere. There was just not one reason for doing this, but multiple small reasons: an innovative principal and some of the best teachers leaving, a school booster club/foundation that received too little parent/community support, athletics that were underfunded and in some cases badly coached, a poorly mentored student government, an unenforced dress code, and some physical facilities and landscape still in need of repair. If progress can be made in these areas by the new principal, we would again consider WC for a younger sibling.
6/9/2007parentI am a Student. This is an objective point of view. Students are supposed to have a minimum 2.7 GPA but it is not enforced. They assign projects that take an enormous amount of time to complete and complain later about grading them. They recently created a Science Fair which is absolutely useless. The hall monitors do not do their jobs of keeping students in the correct manner. Their only purpose is to inform one that he or she is not wearing a collar. Mrs.Jung the best teacher that ever worked for West Campus is leaving this year and she was the best part of West Campus.
3/17/2007parentMany good teachers but admin doesn't do anything to correct the teachers who really don't belong in a college prep environment. A couple bad teachers can really turn a motivated kid off from school. Instead admin is quick to blame students/parents for teachers' lack of ability. This is no different from other schools but I guess we had higher expectations since it was so hard to get in. Admin has really dropped the ball in some important areas like following up on reported problems and communicating with parents. Principal is impossible to reach.
8/15/2006parentMy oldest two children graduated from HISP and my youngest child is at West. Nothing towards the HISP, but West Campus is definitely the best kept secret in Sacramento. The students at the school are the most respectful and spirited I have ever seen. The teachers are responsive and the principal is great. He knows all of the students inside and out. West Campus is demanding of its students and my child is having the time of her life.
3/7/2006parentThis is one of the best in the area! For such a small school, the sports staff does an excellent job and is improving greatly. This has alot to do with the huge amount of parent involvement at West.
2/15/2006teacherThis school has great academic programs and a devoted staff. It is a nice, small and safe place for a student. While the availablity of extracurricular activities are limited, it is a smaller school so this is to be expected.
12/3/2005parentWest Campus is a safe, friendly place for kids. It claims to be college preparatory. The test scores are high, and enrollment is small. There is a shortage of challenging electives, although the number of advanced placement classes is growing. For a kid who is looking for a safe place to grow up and get ready for college, it's fine.
12/3/2005parentApproachable principal. High standards. Based on Whitney High School program in Cerritos, CA. College prep with motivated students and parent involvement.
8/18/2005parentThe school staff and size make this an ideal setting to provide students with a strong academic focus while allowing greater opportunties with extracurricular activities. The high parent involvement greatly enhances the overall sense of community and caring atmosphere shared by students, family and staffs.
4/7/2005parentMy daughter is a senior at West Campus this year, and I have been pretty pleased with the school overall. She is a softball player, and has had a great time playing all four years. Academically she has done very well also. The techers, for the most part have been pretty good, and I've been impressed with her counselors, and all the help they've been in helping us get her ready to go off to college next year. In the four years she has been at West Campus there has never been a major incident with drugs or violence. She has always felt safe, and able to learn without interference or hassle from any of the other students. I would really recommend this school to anyone who's child is serious about their schooling, and doesn't want to be around kids who don't share their goals and aspirations.
3/31/2005parentI am now enjoying having my third daughter attend West Campus. I can go through my day not having to wory about her safety. And, I know that she is getting a good education. I can tell that by the way she enthusiastically does her home work and participates in classroom and student activities. She also gets great grades. At West Campus, I know good grades are earned, not given. She is a senior this year and I look forward to her graduation knowing she will be prepared to meet the added responsibilty of her continued education. All three of my daughters are doing very well and I, and they, owe that, in large part, to having attended school at West Campus High School.
2/28/2005parentWe have two kids attending West Campus this year and we have really pleased with the staff and curriculum. We seriously considered private education but West Campus offered a public solution to our educational standards. Our kids love it and we appreciate the small school atmosphere.
11/12/2004teacherWest Campus is one of the best schools that I have seen in Sacramento. The kids are extremely respectful, courteous and just plain good students. It has a great academic program, and the kids seem to be challenged by their work, but many of them continue to get great grades. It seems as if this small learning community, where the kids have to meet certain expectations even to get in, has worked for students, teachers and parents alike.
1/27/2004parentI had three children graudate from West Campus and was thrilled with the experience. Wonderful PTSA, Booster Club's, student activities, staff and especially the students. Greatest bunch of kids on earth. All three of my children went directly to four year universities. Thanks for the greatest 8 years possible. Thank you to the caring staff, you touched my children in a very positive way and we will forever be West Campus Warriors.
11/13/2003parentschool is ok but we've heard rumors that school will become 'open' type. Our kids now freshmen or sophmores work hard to get into that school and we do not appreciate any try to change school status to 'large population' school.Many students are travelling to that school from very distant areas and it would not be fair to make it equal to any other high school specialy thinking what large schools have: violance, gangs, lower GPAs too many students to control and educate decently...
8/10/2003former studentI am a graduate from this school and I loved every minute of it, its a small and close like family. They are great teachers and helpful. If I had to do it all over again I would come here again! Keep up great work! Class of 1996!
8/7/2003teacherTerrific students and hard working staff!

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