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Compass Montessori - Golden Charter School - Golden, CO

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School NameAddressPhoneGradesCountyTypeDistrict Name
Compass Montessori - Golden Charter School4441 Salvia Street
Golden, CO 80403
(303) 271-1977PK-12JeffersoncharterJeffco Public Schools

Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic80.35192009
Black, non-Hispanic3.225812009
Asian/Pacific Islander2.346042009
Native American or Native Alaskan1.173022009

Students per TeacherYear

Students Getting Free LunchYear

9/2/2012parentCompass has exceeded our expectations at every turn. This is truly a community school, where kids learn benefit from belonging and learn the value of service. I wish that I could give a more than 5 star rating for the quality of the teachers; it is a joy to think to myself in the morning, "I'm so glad that my kid gets to spend her day with you." Not only have they guided my child to meet all of her academic milestones on time, watching them has taught me invaluable things about how to best support a growing learner. I appreciate the expanded Montessori curriculum, which includes teaching geography from preschool and grammar/mechanics from first grade. Not to mention peace and conflict resolution from the earliest ages. Beyond the academics at Compass, I am thrilled with all of the intangibles--things like opportunities for parent education; student leadership development; critical thinking and problem solving skills; self discipline; and independence. These kids know how to find the information they need, rather than regurgitate facts and figures for the benefit of the adults around them. They know how to learn, and that is what I want for my children.
8/29/2012parentI am so impressed by Compass Montessori school! This is such a great way to teach kids about the real world and their place in it. My daughter is in the Farm School (7th - 9th grades) and she learns through practical application of leadership skills, self direction, personal responsibility, care of self and others (human and animal), community service, social and environmental issues, real world use of academic lessons and many opportunities for personal growth. This is unlike any school I went to growing up. The students who come out of the full Compass program are light years beyond their peers in so many ways! Our family loves Compass!
1/21/2012parentCompass has offered my son an amazing blend of a nurturing environment and educational opportunities. When I walk into his classroom the amount of engagement blows me away every time. Surprisingly, when I toured the school, the same level of engagement was present in the high school as well. I'm hoping my son can be here for the next 13 years!!!
1/19/2012parentCompass provides an incredible environment for my high school student. She is engaged in her learning at a completely different level than she was at her previous school. The teachers are intelligent, professional, highly capable, and incredibly supportive of each and every student - not just doing a fantastic job of teaching them the academic subject matter, but helping them become independent, responsible members of our community. I feel incredibly fortunate to have my child attending Compass Montessori.
11/9/2011parentWe've been with Compass Montessori for the past four years. This year my daughter is attending 7th grade (the Farm School) at the Golden Campus. The education follows the traditional Montessori philosophy and has been so inspiring as well and academically challenging for my child. Not only is she becoming more self directed and self disciplined in her studies she is learning how to be an excellent citizen and how to contribute to her community. The program and teachers also provide the environment and guidance for students to build self awareness, self confidence, and strength to advocate for themselves. This is a unique school with incredibly talented teachers who are approachable, communicative and take the time to connect with parents. This school provides an unconventional approach to teaching. If you, as a parent, have the personal strength to let go of conventional thinking and can embrace a teaching philosophy that has been around for a while, but is likely unfamiliar - you will be amazed at what your children can accomplish here.
7/21/2011parentWe have only been with compass for one year, but they have a fantastic preschool program. The teachers really love their jobs and it shows. Parent involvement is great and we enjoy the volunteer programs which let us socialize with other parents and kids.
4/27/2011parentOur first year was fantastic. The guides in the farm school (middle) were outstanding and we felt our child was getting a great education. This past year we have not been as pleased. Project due dates have changed multiple times, papers turned in are lost by teachers, there is little to no communication and very little academic work especially in English and Math. When we have contacted teachers we are given vague answers and were even told, "grades aren't really important and its okay if chooses not to work hard in a topic they don't like.' The last 5 weeks of school this year are 'intensives' which involve little to no school work. Spending 2 hours a day learning about dance instead of academics in some form is not my definition of Montessori. Unfortunately we will be removing our child from the school rather than hoping it will just improve next year to ensure our child has a solid education. In addition having a Principal pull a student from the classroom, then tell the student that wearing an 'Air Force' shirt, (given to her by her brother who is in the Air Force) is inappropriate and promotes violence was concerning.
8/21/2010parentThis school is unusual and amazing. I am a Montessori teacher and understand the method and philosophy completely. In my experience, this is the most authentic and committed Montessori school in the country. We actually moved our family from South Carolina specifically to have our 4 children attend this incredible school. We have been welcomed with open arms and the students are as friendly as the staff. This was the best educational decision we ever made and we are thrilled to be a part of compass.
3/28/2010studentCompass Montessori School is not for every student, nor has it pretended to be. The students who are successful at Compass are self-directed and dedicated to their education. I am getting ready to graduate this year and I believe that I am equipped for College. Volunteer opportunities allowed me to discover my passion for education, and work with students from every age level from Preschool to Middle School and find the age group that worked for me. I even interned outside of Compass. However, during my twelve years at Compass I have seen great success and immense struggle to succeed. Some of the students who have struggled have turned it around, but others have found that the program was not for them and gone somewhere else. I urge parents to consider the learning style of their children and observe several classrooms before making the decision to enroll their child.
3/13/2010parentmy kids learned so much here he is in the 8th grade and loves it for you other moms out their this is a great school that shows you a different style of learning my son was a c and d student and s now an a and b student he loves school and i couldnt ask for anything more
3/11/2010parentVery Disappointed with this school!!! My son is finishing 8th grade this year and we will not be returning to this school. The curriculum is very different not easy to follow, teachers are always changing schedules for due dates on projects, not very organized at all. The math that they have can be done online but the program is always having tech problems -which is beyond your control--- and whenever you try to tell the teachers about the problems they don't seem to care- if the work is not completed your child will get blamed for not completing the work. Whenever you send emails to the Teachers they do not respond and there is a Lack of communication. There is no advice or help if your child gets stuck or falls behind in a subject--just tough luck. I would not recommend this school to anyone.
2/9/2010studentAmerica needs more schools like Compass Montessori. There are few educational institutions that understand the needs of the student as fully as this school. Compass strives to produce graduates who are highly educated, peaceful, globally and locally aware, empowered, and happy. Community, which is lacking in our nation, is emphasized greatly. The opportunities presented to students of all ages are amazing and life changing. Students are encouraged to love their learning and take ownership of themselves. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and genuinely interested in the lives and futures of their students. The best place you could possibly send your student.
11/26/2009studentAs my first year at Compass, I have hand nothing but good experiences. Lots of good teachers, and subjects, and loads of fun in the Golden Campus Farm School.
10/12/2009parentI had 3 children attend Compass for three years each. When I enrolled them in their neighborhood school (after being very disappointed in the academics at Compass) they were all behind grade level. The adminstration is controlling and overbearing. The high school was the weakest in our opinion, with teachers who did the bare minimum. There were no extracurricular activites offered at all for high school students, unless you count asking them to do Bingo to raise money for the school.
8/5/2009parentTruly, the one of the most outstanding high school in Jefferson County. Small classes, excellent teachers and students who care about issues bigger than themselves. This school is for parents and students who are partners in education. (Which was a relief for us who don't need an outside institution to blame for mistakes made by our children or ourselves.) I've had two students graduate from Compass. Both are highly successful in their university choices and over 90% of their peers have had the same success story. Currently, two of my extended family members attend Compass and their parents also feel blessed and lucky to have this choice in Jefferson County.
4/8/2009studentI previously attended this school and it was a mistake for me. I had been in Montessori all my life and this school for me has been far from that concept. There is no variety in the curriculum and how the school is ran is very narrow minded. I regret going through the first semester I attended at Compass but luckily I got to transfer over to Ralston Valley High School which is working out amazingly and I am so happy I transfered.
1/6/2009parentI had my child in the Upper El at Compass and was so distrubed by the lack of quality education. I moved my child after the second month because I saw very little academics going on. I had heard great things about this school but it seems that it is all talk and no action. There was some dramatic removal of the Head of school at the other campus and Board members were very rude to me when I asked a couple of questions. The Head of School was very rude when I apporached her about my concerns in the my daughters classroom. This school needs some serious help. I have been very happy at my new school but hated all the changes my daughter had to experience.
12/19/2008parentI have two students at Golden and for the oldest, this has been the best expierience. The high school staff has been supportive and caring. They are a close 'family' that cares about the student as a person, not a number on the CSAP score sheets. My younger child's experience has been very different. The current teacher is not to the level as others and seems flustered when asked what is going on in class. In conference we hear that our student is wonderful, doing fantastic but when asked about specific issues, then there are concerns that were not mentioned before. I have considered pulling our youngest out even though I believe in the school.
12/17/2008parentI suggest you really observe in the classrooms if you are considering this school. The upper elementary classrooms are totally disorganized. The high school teachers were really unprofessional with students. They asked them personal questions and drilled them about dating. I found the principal unwilling to ever see the parent's side in any situation of concern. I heard good things about the middle school but don't have a child that age.
12/14/2008parentI thought this would be a wonderful school and community, but I have been extremely disappointed. If you were not a Founding Parent you are very much on the outs. The executive Board makes secret closed session decisions that deeply impact the school with no concern for parent input. In fact, the Board has refused to speak with and meet with parents who disagree with them. The Head of School seems driven by personal ambition. This is certainly the peaceful Montessori education that I was hoping for. We are moving our children to Montessori Peaks, which has a great reputation.
12/3/2008parentI have been very disappointed in this school so far. I am most concerned with the board and how they handle administrative decisions. I want to send my children to a school where I know the teachers, administrators and board members look out for the well being of each and every family. Unfortunately, this has not been my experience at Compass and that is why my children will not be returning.
12/1/2008parentThis school is a failure. I had three of my children go there and I have taken all of them out!! The Director has no real leadership skills and the Montessori way is lost on this school. You are well advised to look elsewhere. There is a great Montessori school called Free Horizon also located in Golden, CO that is by far superior to this one in every way!!!
10/2/2008parentExcellent teachers and excellent curriculum. Amazing opportunities for students.
11/14/2006former studentI went to this school and it's not very good on structure or handling issues or conflicts respectfully.Also adding the fact that there is not a lot of diversity.
7/27/2006parentHaving experience both the Junior High and Elementary levels of Compass, I have to say, for us, there is no better place! Both of my children have exceled with the hands-on learning/teaching. They are allowed to go past the 'classroom norms' and learn at their own speed. The learning is different from any other we have experience. Students are responsible for their own learning while being guided by their teachers/mentors. This happens as early as Pre-K. Compass is a blessing for our family who needed something outside the traditional classroom setting.
1/23/2006parentNot all schools are for all students. Compass High School is a place that requires a great deal of maturity and responsibility on the part of the student in order for them to succeed. Learning is less structured but much more creative. For example, students are rarely lectured to, instead they are given packets which tell them how to find the information they need in order to accomplish the assigned project. The highlights of this sort of educational experience include learning how to think for one's self. The downside is that some material is harder to absorb this way. In my view, the math and foreign language courses are less successful because students are not accustomed to the amount of structure involved and they resist the classroom experience. The humanities and social sciences are exemplary and for students who are very goal orriented the opportunities for experiential learning abound.
4/3/2005studenti didn't like this school, nice kids but not a good choice if you/your kid needs structure.
1/27/2005parentI Have A Student Who Goes To Compass. She Never Got Good Grades And Never Went To Class. The Teachers There Are The Best At Helping Her Needs! Now Gracie Is A Straight A Student! Thank You!

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