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Mount Pleasant Elementary School
500 Duncan Rd
Wilmington, DE 19809
(302) 762-7120
public | K-5
County: New Castle


  Students Getting Free LunchYear
3/9/2010parentMy daughter attended this school for four years, K through 3rd. Although not everything is perfect, this is one of the most well run schools I have had is contact with. The teachers were all very capable in diversifying the curriculum to meet individual needs. Yes, there was a lot of research and independent study in the gifted program. That is how gifted students learn best. I was amazed with the quality of the projects presented by the children each year, beginning in kindergarten. My daughter thrived in this environment.
10/14/2008parentI have a child in the gifted program and I am really impressed with the program. The curriculum is more challenging and if your child is not ready for challenges, this might not be the best option for the child. Overall, this is a good school, the environment is a positive learning environment. The staff members are awesome.
8/25/2008parentNot sure the last parent is qualified to critique the gifted program, given that he/she is clearly challenged in even writing basic English. I have two children in the gifted program; one who is currently in 6th grade at Claymont, and one who is in Mt. Pleasant. Having spent the last 4 years within the program, I can highly recommend it. The subject matter that is taught is more rigorous than in regular public school in Wilmington, and the peer group is motivated and eager to learn. However, your child must be mature enough to do the work; it's not just about being smart, but about having the discipline to stick with the assignments.
6/5/2008parentMy child was in the 1st grade gifted program. I STRONGLY advise against sending your child here. The curriculum is not at all rigorous, though it is supposedly 'enriched.' Instead, time is wasted on busy work, such as projects at the expense of crucial fundamentals, such as addition and subtraction. There was very little teaching. It seemed more like independent study. Lombardy is much betteer than this supposedly great gifted roogramm. Be The staff is wonderful, but tcan not make up for the terrible curriculum.
4/2/2008parentover the years the school ahs lost its focus and control over the kids. I don't feel its safe nor that they are learning what needs to be taught to be prepared or succeed during testing or in life for that matter.
1/2/2008parentMy child attends this school, and I was impressed at the onset, but as the year progressed, my outlook has changed. I believe the gifted students are given more priveledges and afforded a better enviornment than the regular education students. The teachers seem to be overwhelmed due to lack of special education. There are some students with behavioral issues that should be placed in a program that will address their needs. Overall the teachers are pleasant but some lose sight due to the distractions of their pupils and prefer to have everyone on the same level verses challenging those that are getting it. Would only reccommend if your child is gifted.
4/29/2007studentI am very happy with this school that I am attending. Although, there has been some problems with the teachers, staff, and student obedience, I am overall pretty happy with this school, and next year when I go to 4th Grade I will miss all of the respectable teachers and staff.
4/11/2007parentMy daughter is in her second year at Mt. Pleasant. We know many families who have chosen to send children to Mt. Pleasant rather than attend the neighborhood school or a private school. I have never seen a school that runs as well as Mt. Pleasant. I am most impressed with how the staff works to build a community. The kids are treated as kids, not gifted kids, at-risk kids, typical kids, and special education kids. At the same time, the academic instruction meets every kid where they are and helps them grow. This should be a model school for the district and the state.
2/24/2007parentI've got an idea for the parent that wants teachers to stay after school and give more personal time to their child as a tutorer, after putting in a ten hour day, including weekends.....DO YOUR JOB. MPE teachers and parents give 110% to fostering the academic and social growth of the individual child.I have seen MPE teachers be involved with after school tutoring, parent courses, information nights, and PTA events. I have know idea what that parent is talking about. At what point do we as parents step up and play an active role in our children's future as learners. I have two words for that parents ridiculous request......parent accountability. MPE teacher meet the needs of the 'individual child', I've seen it! You will find that no where else in the state!
9/19/2006parentMy daughter has been going to Mt. Pleasant Elementary since 1st grade. Her reading and math skills have greatly improved. I have met most of the teachers at the school and all are so pleasant and easy to reach. You are able to email the teachers and even the principal and they actually respond! I was so impressed with the school, I choiced my son into the school.
2/6/2006parentI am impressed daily by the program at Mt. Pleasant. The population of the school is very diverse in ability, ethnicity, and socioeconomic level. Instruction is given to each student at his or her skill level throughout the day. The discipline program used throughout the school keeps voices kind and gentle. I am not sure why the previous parent is angry. Teachers work and care for the children 7 hours a day. I would never expect them to donate another two to three hours a week of their time. That is just unreasonable, and something no school does. There are two programs in the building that do offer afterschool care and homework help- the YMCA and the Edgemoor Community Center. There are many, many after school enrichment programs for students, such as art and science classes. There are parent academies throughout the year to help parents help their children learn.
1/4/2006parentMy daughter has been attending Mount Pleasant since 1st grade and she is developing well above her grade level. The teachers and staff members are very friendly and helpful. The only thing that I see as a potential problem would be to much homework during the week. My daughter doesnt get much 'playing time' during the week. She has to do about 2 hours of homework a night. I think that this is a little unfair to the kids. They need time to play before bed.
1/4/2005parentThere is no after school help for students that may need extra help in academics or activities. There should be someone a tutor or the teacher to stay after school at least 2 days a week to help these kids. There are too many kids in one class with one teacher there needs to be aides and these should be teachers that care about everyone of there students education not to just get a pay check!

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