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I Cannot Wait To Rid Myself of This Place
Star Rating - 10/4/2017
I'm ready to get away from this whole state, once and for all! There are no real jobs here. The cost of living is getting entirely too high, as well as the crime. Granted, it's bad where ever you go, but Wilmington, DE has made #1 on the high crime list. There was a time where if you told someone from another state that you were from Delaware, their response was, "Where's is Delaware?" Now when I get calls from my friends who live in other states, they always check on me to see if I'm ok, because Delaware is the highlight, and not in a good way. The only thing that's keeping me here right now is my 83-year old mother I am a caregiver to. My mom is in pretty good health to be her age, and I try to convince her in moving with me to another state. But when the elderly get stuck in their ways, that's just what it is. I'm just praying that God helps me move her stubbornness to a different state sometime soon.
T | New Castle, DE
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- 8/22/2016
Park Plaza
can anyone offer information on the Park Plaza, 1100 Lovering Ave, 19806?...
ron | Glen Allen, VA | No Replies

- 6/1/2016
So far I'm impressed with Wilmington
When we sold our house in the burbs and downsized to a condo in Wilmington all our friends...
Joseph | Wilmington, DE | 1 Reply

- 4/12/2016
Wilmington Delaware is the worst
The politicians in Delaware have NO idea what they are doing. They are there just to get a...
A | Wilmington, DE | No Replies

- 1/11/2014
The Real Truth
Wilmington proper is NOT a good place for anyone to live. It is crime ridden with a very d...
Christina | Wilmington, DE | 3 Replies

- 4/16/2013
I Find Their Scores Widely Untrue
First of all, the fact that it lists Wilmington as more expensive than Austin is completel...
Abhd | Austin, TX | No Replies